Truck Driver Spots Girl Asleep In Snow, Then Sees Her ID


A Day Unexpected

Travis drove cautiously, looking out at the wintery white terrain for any signs of black ice. That’s when he noticed her curled up in the snow. He slammed the breaks.

He scooped her up in his arms, put the heating on blast, and drove her to the nearest hospital. He saved her life but he had no idea who she was. When he got a call from his bank, he broke down and cried.



Truck driver Travis Daniels was going through one of the most difficult times of his life as he drove down a snowy highway in the state of Michigan.

It was deep in the throes of winter. Piles of snow banked the highway like gutter guards in a bowling lane. Travis drove tentatively, keeping an eye out for hidden ice patches on the road. It was probably the only reason he spotted her.

Working Hard

Travis was exhausted. For the past few months, he was working insane hours. Although he hardly slept, he kept accepting more and more jobs. He was on a sure path to destruction, but he didn’t have a choice.

Travis was a family man in his late 30’s. He had one daughter with his wife, Cindy who worked in administration. Things should have been going well for them but a few months ago, they received terrible news.

Tragic Situation


They discovered that their daughter, Regina, had a rare condition. Fortunately, there was a quick fix, but it came with a catch – it was extremely expensive.

Regina needed surgery that would have bankrupted the entire family. They couldn’t afford it but Travis promised his wife that he’d find a way. That’s exactly what he was doing as he drove down the highway but he had no idea he was driving into trouble.

The Woman


Travis drove cautiously, looking out at the wintery white terrain for any signs of black ice. That’s when he noticed her and slammed the breaks.

He pulled over, popped on his hazard lights, and ran out to the bewildering scene. A woman lay in the fetal position. Wearing nothing but a light pair of jeans and a top, the snow had almost buried her. His heart pounded as he tried to wake her up.



He shouted at her, and gently shook her – nothing. He fearfully pressed his fingers to her neck, searching for a pulse. She was freezing. Just when he was about to panic, the woman’s eyes shot open. The words “help me” were barely audible as she locked eyes with Travis.

Without hesitation, he scooped her up in his arms and brought her to his truck. Then he saw her ID.

Her ID


It fell out of her pocket as he hoisted her inside. He took a look at it and froze before handing it back to her. He couldn’t help but notice her picture looked vaguely familiar.

He shrugged it off and put the heating on full blast. Then he booted it to the hospital. As they drove, he asked her what happened but she wouldn’t tell him. Regardless, he continued to comfort her. For some reason, she reminded him of his little girl.

Immediate Care

The Mirror

Travis brought the woman to the hospital in the knick of time. She needed specialist care immediately. He had saved her life but nobody else knew that.

Once Travis told the doctors how he found her, the cops turned up and they took an immediate interest in him – for obvious reasons. They began to question him. Travis told them all that he knew and declared that he didn’t even know the woman’s name. He had no idea who he had just saved.

Special Connection

Wexner Medical Center

A week later, Travis received a call from the hospital, the woman he saved wanted to thank him in real life. Travis remembered the woman looked like she needed support. He didn’t hesitate to visit her as he was genuinely concerned.

The woman was staying at the same hospital his little girl attends. They ended up talking for hours. Travis even opened up about his struggles with his daughter. Still completely unaware of who was right in front of him.

Parting Ways


After the woman thanked Travis one hundred times for saving her life, they parted ways. Travis felt happy knowing that he helped this girl but he felt ashamed that he couldn’t do the same for his little girl.

Another week passed when Travis received a strange call from the bank. Someone had anonymously transferred a huge amount of money into his account. Travis said there must have been a mistake. But then he got another call.

Strange Call


“Are you Regina Daniels’ father?”, a man asked. “Yes”, Travis replied. His stomach dropped. Usually, when the hospital called about Regina, they always brought bad news. “What’s this about?”, he asked, dreaded.

“We’ve booked your daughter in for her surgery. Bring her in two weeks and we’ll take care of her. Pack a bag as she’ll be staying for a few nights for recovery”. Travis’ eyes began to swell. What was happening? Who did this?

Left Speechless


Travis asked the doctor what was happening. They said that the person would like to remain anonymous but that the hospital had been contacted to confirm funds have been received by his account for the surgery.

Travis was speechless. He checked his account and indeed the call from the bank earlier was right. Someone had saved his daughter’s life. He raced to his wife.

Searching For Answers


He asked if she knew who could have done this. She tearfully replied no and they both began to call all their family members and friends, searching for the culprit.

It wasn’t until they were in the hospital, exhausted after a successful surgery that a familiar face appeared before them. Travis gasped as he took in the sight of the woman.

It Was Her


It was the woman he rescued from the snow except for this time, she looked radically different. Gone was the disheveled and rugged-looking girl who spent hours shaking in the freezing cold.

The woman that stood before him was pristine-looking in her navy suit. Her heels clicked-clocked as she entered the room. Her smile was bright and radiant. She looked like a completely different woman. Who was she?



As Travis was to discover, the woman he saved was the CEO of a major tech company who was often in the media – that’s why he recognized her. She had heard about Travis’ tragic situation with his daughter from the nurses and decided to help.

She finally found a way to return the kindness that Travis gave her. And made a life-saving action of her own. This is why it’s always important to treat everyone with kindness and respect. You never know what someone is going through or who you’ll meet.