Missing Girl Clutches State Trooper After He Finds Her


Something In The Distance

It was nearly getting dark, and the night would be a cold one. This state trooper understood exactly what that meant for the missing girl.

He knew that he had to do everything in his power to get her home safe. Then he saw something in the distance, it was pink. He felt a shred of hope in his heart. But as he got closer to what he thought was the girl, dread was full of his body. He never expected this.


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Everyone living in a small town in South Bristol, New York, was up in arms when they all heard about a 2-year-old girl that was missing. She apparently disappeared into the nearby woods.

The community was a small one, which meant that a lot of people knew her personally and like her. Everyone wanted her to be okay. That’s when the state troopers got involved. They wouldn’t let anything happen to her if they could help it.

Dedicated State Trooper

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Brian Hotchkiss headed the search party. He was the state trooper in charge and was leading all of the volunteers. They were desperate to find her since it was getting dark soon. Her chances would drastically reduce once it got dark.

It wasn’t only the temperatures that posed a danger. The woods got notoriously spooky at night. All manner of animals appeared in the forest that could harm her.

Door To Door



Hotchkiss decided that before they could start the search in the woods he needed to knock on all of the doors. But sadly, no one had seen her anywhere.

Now they really needed to spring into action and find her. They were growing desperate. But what could he do to make the difference?

Growing Cold


Hotchkiss was an experienced trooper that knew cases like this were sometimes difficult. He knew that the most important thing was acting quickly. He didn’t want the 2-year-old freezing or being attacked.

If they took too long it drastically reduces the chances of finding her. He needed to try and find a way of turning the tables and making sure she was found.

Getting People In On It

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He had a good plan, he got every volunteer he could find to help with the search. They were ready to go out and call for the little girl and try to find her. They just had to march into the woods.

Hotchkiss did what he did best. He organized the search party into groups and gave them instructions.  Everyone was committed to finding her. He trusted all of them to do whatever it took to find her.

Night Drawing Closer


It was now dusk and everyone was worried about the little girl. And State Trooper Hotchkins knew all of the risks involved.

After looking for two hours, he was giving up hope. There wasn’t anything that they had found that would help them find her. The forest wasn’t small, and it would be difficult to search the entire forest quickly.

A New Approach


He needed to figure out another way to find her quickly. It girl was running out of time and they needed to cover more ground. So he decided to break off from the main group and search on his own.

Brian walked towards a part of the forest that hadn’t been searched yet. He wanted to get to a hill that would overlook more of the forest. But it was getting dark and he had to move quickly.

Getting To The Hill


He walked to the top of the large hill and when he got to the peak of the hill, he pulled out something he needed that he hadn’t used yet. A pair of binoculars.

But after peering through the lens, he saw something astounding. Among the green and brown of the forest, there was a spot of pink. Was it her? He had to hurry and found out.

Running To The Rescue

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There was no time to waste. The young State Trooper quickly headed to the place where he noticed the pink dot, hoping he’ll find the girl.

His heart was pounding. His legs were weak, and he was out of breath from running around and looking all day. But what he encountered when he reached the place left him speechless.

Unusual Encounter

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When the man reached the place, he didn’t expect to find this. The little girl’s clothes were dirty and wet, and she was lying down on her belly.

The State Trooper rushed to her, and she immediately grabbed his leg as he reached her. He checked if she was alright and alerted the others. As he took her in his arms, the little girl didn’t say a word and just hugged him with all her strength.

Not Wanting To Let Go

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Without a doubt, the little girl was glad to see the rescuer. She clung to Trooper Hotchkiss as though her life depended upon it.

In a way, she owed the man her life because he had taken a risk to climb the hill ahead of sunset to see the forest better and maybe locate her. The little girl didn’t want to let go of her rescuer no matter what, and who could blame her. She was out there all alone for so long, and he was the one who found her.

Weak And Cold

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The little girl was weak and wet. She was freezing cold when she was rescued, so one of the troopers wrapped her in a jacket. Everyone was overwhelmed with happiness when they saw Brian walk with the girl in his arms and wanted to help as much as they could.

The parents were also notified that she had been found, but now they had to take her to a hospital to see if she was alright.

Hospital Check

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Being so little, it was difficult for the State Trooper to properly assess her condition. They had to take her to the nearby hospital.

The 2-year-old girl was taken to the emergency room, where she underwent a checkup to ensure she had not been injured or suffered in any way. Thankfully, the hospital cleared her, and the little girl could return home to her family.

Making The News

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As for Trooper Hotchkiss, he was invited to a local TV station to talk about his heroism of the day. “I still can’t get that out of my head, her turning over and looking at me and throwing her hands up in the air. I’ll never forget that,” he said.

The story of her rescue was also shared on social media, and it went viral as everyone was overjoyed that the little girl was found safe and sound.