These 5 Trendy Spring Fashion Looks Will Make Your Seasonal Style Blossom

This spring we're mixing prints, wearing bold colors and rocking classic florals. Check out these five trendy spring fashion looks by LA style blogger Yvette Corinne.

It happens like clockwork every spring: The energy shifts, the colors change, the city slowly awakens from its winter hibernation and comes to life. Vibrant flowers pop up all around us, the temperatures rise and everyone seems to be smiling a lot more than before. Trendy spring fashion plays a big role in all of this.

In the spring, we start shedding our chunky warm layers and donning our lighter, airier fabrics to welcome in the new season. Out with the oversized sweaters and in with more trendy spring fashion. The sun stays out long enough for us to enjoy the day at picnics, day parties and other fun springtime activities.

The spring season gives us a chance to do a little “spring cleaning” with our style. Springtime is extremely versatile; you can change up your style completely or add in pieces little by little to update your look. Spring fashion inspiration is everywhere we turn; runways, magazines, and social media have plenty of places to look for inspiration. While the runway displays the high-end trends we’ll be seeing, style bloggers all around make the trendy spring fashion more accessible to the everyday woman. Style bloggers like Yvette Corinne show us how to update our looks and how to rock those trendy pieces.

When Yvette Corinne moved to California a few years ago, she didn’t realize that she would be turning her passion for style and beauty into a blog. The fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger based in sunny Los Angeles was inspired by the quote “bloom where you are planted” and used that to fuel her quest to find her passion.

“I moved to L.A. without a purpose and not knowing what I wanted to do, so that quote really resonated with me.”

She did just that by creating, a blog dedicated to style and beauty tips. Her blog and Instagram, especially, are a fun look into her daily life in L.A. and a good resource for ready-to-wear outfits that are both trendy and flirty.

Her blog’s mantra, “bloom where you are planted” becomes especially fitting during this time of the year. Spring is Corinne’s favorite season and is, in her opinion, the best way to show off your personal style.

“I love how bold and vibrant you’re able to be during the spring time. It’s the perfect blend of winter meets summer.”

In honor of the new season, we’ve teamed up Yvette to bring you her five best, easy-to-wear trends of this season.

5.) Florals Aren’t Going Anywhere, So Embrace Them!

spring fashion

Yvette Corinne

Florals are pretty synonymous with spring fashion. But Corinne believes that this year they are making a bigger comeback than ever. Floral prints are some of the best trends because of the fun, flirty and girly vibe you give off. This season, you can mix in floral prints into just about any outfit. “It’s something about the girly, fun and flirty look that is winning me over. Some people hate floral print because they think it looks grandma-ish but, honestly, it’s all about how you style it.”

If you’re not usually into florals, this season give them a try. Since florals are everywhere this season, you can rock them in a comfy-casual way, or spice it up and rock it in a more sexy way.

4.) The Versatile Print Dress

This spring is all about taking the current pieces that we have and transitioning them into something for this season. Your spring wardrobe is not complete without a versatile dress that you can rock during both the day and night.

Instead of breaking the bank on pieces that you can only style in a certain way, opt for something that you can turn into several outfits. This floral dress from Topshop is the perfect example of a dress that can be dressedup and down, and the print is perfectly on trend right now for the spring fashion season.


trendy spring fashion

Yvette Corinne

For a day out in the sun, rock your dress with a denim jacket and your favorite pair of comfortable sneakers. This style is a classic spring look, and picks up on the popular dress and sneakers trend.

This denim jacket and dress give off a casual-chic vibe that is also extremely comfortable to wear.


trendy spring fashion

No time to change? Easily turn this casual-chic look into sexy and sophisticated by pairing the dress with a blazer and your favorite heels.

Throw on a boyfriend-fitted blazer with this floral dress for a more sexy yet classy look that’s perfect for the evening.

3.) Stripes on Stripes

trendy spring fashion

Spring symbolizes new life and easy living, and stripes are the right way to usher in these fun vibes. Stripes are a classic spring a summer pattern to wear, but, according to Corinne, wearing stripes upon stripes is a top spring trend to follow.

“What I’m loving is stripes on stripes, but with the lines going in opposite ways. It’s very abstract and makes your outfit look super fashionable.”

Mixing stripes creates a fashion-forward geometric look that you won’t want to take off. For a bolder spring look, opt for brighter, bigger stripes that you can mix and match to make a statement. Trendy candy stripes are making a comeback, and bold ’90s-inspired mix and matched stripes are also all the rage.

Corinne’s double-striped suit from Ali and Jay, is perfect for any occasion, and since itit a two-piece, it can be turned into several outfits. Pair the top with your favorite denim, and you get the best of both worlds.

2.) Monotone Suits

trendy spring fashion

Yvette Corinne

Monotone chic is the trendy spring fashion for those who are going for a calm and collected minimalist vibe. Wearing a matching two-piece suit has been trending during both fall and winter, and Corinne says this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“This spring you can still rock a two-piece suit, but now you can wear it in bold colors like bright orange. This season is all about reinventing old style.”

The two-piece that Corinne is rocking is from Forever21 but you can find plenty of cute matching suits from stores like Zara and Topshop. Rock this two-piece at a brunch or a fun rooftop day party and don’t be surprised if you turn heads all day long.

1.) Don’t Be Afraid To Mix It All Up

Last but surely not least, Corinne’s final tip is the most fun one yet! Following trends can seem like a chore and inauthentic. The first rule of style is to find your own personal flavor and what pieces make you feel great, then mix in trends where you see fit.Corinne’s Instagram feed is a gallery of unique outfits that are trendy but original.

The No. 1 tip is to mix all of these spring trends to create the looks that best express you. That means playing around with styles that are different, like prints, textures and silhouettes. Corinne says mixing prints, bold colors and matching sets are all the top trends for this season. Here are a few looks from Yvette!

trendy spring fashion

Girly Tomboy 

A great way to effortlessly merge styles together is to start with your personal style and then mix in pieces that may seem like the opposite. For example, if you gravitate towards more frilly, girly pieces, mix in an oversized jacket to balance out the outfit and give yourself an edgier, yet still girly look.Corinne’s outfit is an example of how to blend styles together. It blends silhouettes and textures like the pleated chiffon skirt and the distressed denim. The monotone skirt and top are also a current spring trend, but throwing on an oversized denim jacket breaks up the bright yellow with an edgy, bold finish. This look is effortless, vibrant and fun.

If you’re looking for more spring fashion trends, check out Spring Fashion Trends: Fabulous Floral Accessories You Can Wear Now.

For more of Yvette Corinne’s style and beauty tips follow her blog here and her Instagram feed here.

trendy spring fashiontrendy spring fashion