Man’s Fall Into Ravine Takes Unexpected Turn When He Finds Something In His Pocket

He had traveled all over the world. But his next trip would be the one he would ultimately remember for the rest of his life.

World Traveler

He had traveled all over the world and seen many people, but his next trip would be the one he would ultimately remember for the rest of his life. It was while he was away backpacking through Thailand that he met a woman who would go through heaven and hell with him.

Mikey Lythcott met Stacey Eno while they were both on their own adventures collecting memories in the beautiful exotic country of Thailand. They enjoyed each other’s company and connected over their love for travel and exploring country after country. Mikey had an impressive 54 destinations under his belt and was already planning the next one.

A New Adventure

The couple kickstarted their new adventurous trip to Indonesia in August after Stacey finished up the school term in Gwangju, South Korea. They thought what better way to see the beauty of the land than on the back of a scooter. They put on their helmets and rode off to the unexplored roads.

Little did they know that they had embarked on the most unbelievable journey of their life. Winding their way through the hilly roads the unthinkable happened when Mikey hit the brakes for a sharp turn ahead… and nothing happened.

A Bad Accident

The Crazy Tourist

The friends careened straight off of the road, plunging down into a crevasse. They were in the middle of nowhere. No one knew where they had gone and, when they woke after a time, found that they were injured. No help would be coming for them. That was until Mikey turned to technology to help him.

He pulled out his American phone and slipped in a SIM hoping against hope that it would work. He posted a simple SOS message on Facebook and from there everyone who knew him started to track him down.

Social Media Rescue

Mikey said, “Facebook didn’t ‘kind of’ save our lives. It’s directly responsible. I knew if I put out a scary message, [my friends] would help find me. And I was scared. I honestly thought we were going to die.”

Stacey had some words too, “When traveling you meet so many people with interesting and outstanding things to share. This tragic accident has shown us and reminded how many people we have touched along the way.”