The Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Already Be Following

Are you preparing for the next holiday or still looking for inspiration? You could blindly book the first offer popping up on Groupon or return to the same all-inclusive resort you stayed at last year. OR you could follow the fantastic advice of today’s top travel blogger experts and get the hottest tips for exciting getaways, the secret spots regular tourists won’t know about and those can’t-miss restaurants!

We’ve done our homework and came up with a list of this year’s biggest names in the world of travel blogging! The order doesnot in any way display a ranking, as all blogs have proven to provide top content! 

Here are the top 10 travel blogger you should already be following!

10.) Top 10 Travel Blogger: Salt in our Hair

Travel Blogger

Salt in our Hair is created by Hannah and Nick from the Netherlands, two creatives traveling the world together as a power couple. The blog is the go-to resource for all those finding themselves constantly day-dreaming about their next getaway. From their passion for traveling, photography and sharing experiences with other travelers, the two bloggers set themselves thegoal to capture the world and inspire their followers to think outside the box: There is more than the usual nine-to-five job.

IG: @saltinourhair 

Facebook: @saltinourhair 


9.) Top 10 Travel Blogger: Goats on the Road

Travel Blogger

Nick & Dariece, a 30-something couple from Canada, have been traveling for the past 8 years. The two adventure lovers founded the travel blog Goats on the Road when they decided that they were done with being your average couple, living “normal” lives back home – including full-time jobs, a fully furnished condominium and a car. Now they use their blog to share their financial tips, how they earn six-figures by blogging and loads of travel stories, in the hope to inspire their readers to live the life they’ve been dreaming of.

IG: @goatsontheroad 

Facebook: @goatsontheroad