Top Qualities Men Look for in Women on a First Date

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Men think about sex nearly three times more than women, according to research out of Ohio State University. But the number of times men think about sex a day is significantly less than the myth of every seven seconds. While men are sexual beings, it’s not all they look for in a woman, especially on a first date. That’s not to say men don’t put stock in the appearance and sensuality of a woman. Simply put, men look for other qualities in women than just her sexual potential.

5 No Hurry

Men may feel a sexual pull from women immediately, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to make a commitment. EHarmony reports that men move at a slower pace through the relationship process and, in fact, may be scared off by a woman who gives signals of an instant connection. Men prefer women who can go with the flow, take time to get to know each other and aren’t in a hurry to move the relationship along.

4 No Interrogations

Men are looking to have a good time, not for a wife. Women who start the first date off interviewing for a husband will probably not get a second date. Questions about income, financial portfolios and future goals are not first-date conversation. Dating is about getting to know each other in slow increments. So hobbies and interests are better first-date conversation subjects than discussions of career and money.

3 Confidence

Men don’t like wimpy women. Although they don’t want to be bossed around, they like it when a woman can let him know what she wants. When he asks what she wants to do, he wants to know what she wants to do, not what she thinks he wants to do. Confidence not only suggests emotional stability, but is sexy.

2 Engaging and Easygoing

The No. 1 quality a man likes in his dream girl, according to “Men’s Health,” is that she laughs at his jokes. Men want to impress on the first date and often are as nervous as the woman. Men like women who are low-key and approachable. They are wary of women who show signs of high maintenance, so any woman who takes 10 minutes to special order her meal may not make it to a second date.

1 Appearance

Men, as do women, judge outward appearances. A “USA Today” survey reports 58 percent of men judge women on their teeth and 51 percent judge their hair. “Men’s Health” magazine suggests that five out of the 11 qualities of a “perfect woman” are based on looks, including breasts, hips and feet. Of the appearance aspects women have more control over, men like women who wear red, look sensual without letting it all hang out and smile.

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