Top Five Not-So-Well-Known Facts About the British Royal Family

Think you know everything about the British royal family? Think again. There are some unpopular royal family facts you probably never heard of. While it seems as if the royal family members are often in the spotlight, they really aim to lead private lives away from the flashes of paparazzi photos. Some of the lesser-known facts about Britain’s most-honored family are as interesting as they are curious.

Here are top 5 unpopular royal family facts about the British Monarchy:

5.) Royal Family Members Interests

Queen Elizabeth in Scotland - One of the Royal Facts about the Queen is that she loves Sottish dancing

Sunday Post

The queen loves Scottish country dancing. When the queen pays her yearly visit to Balmoral Castle, she hosts the Gillies’ Ball for her staff members, neighbors, guests and members of the community, where she and her friends cut a rug with Scottish jigs.

Charles, the Prince of Wales, is an avid water-colorist, organic gardener and “Doctor Who” fan. When he’s not painting, he’s hedge laying at Home Farm.

Prince William joined the Royal Military Academy after graduating from St. Andrews University and earned his wings as a Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Pilot in 2010. During his teenage years, Prince William was said to have had a crush on Super-model, Cindy Crawford so Princess Diana had to invite her for tea at the palace to meet!

Prince Harry is a huge rugby fan and plays polo competitively and to raise money for various charities. Also, Harry served in Afghanistan after he graduated from the Royal Military Academy as a second Lieutenant. His mission in Afghanistan was reported to be secret as he was said to be serving on the front lines but his service was cut short when the media got wind of it and he was sent home in 2012.