Top Five Most Overly Used Words

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You surely cringe when that new secretary says that dreaded word repeatedly. It takes everything in your power not to lose your cool. While many words can give you that ready-to-vomit feeling, these top five words are enough to make you want to end your conversation—like yesterday.


You hear it everywhere: In graduation speeches, from the kid next door and even—gulp—from your mother. While YOLO is actually an acronym for the phrase “you only live once,” the new “word” is quite the hit. More power to you if “YOLO” really inspires you to do something scary or uncomfortable that you wouldn’t normally do. For the most part, it seems to give unruly teens—or rebelling grownups—a reason to misbehave.

4 OK

Few things are as annoying as sending your loved one a heartfelt text, asking how they’re doing, and then getting back one simple word: “OK.” It’s overused for everything—to say how you feel, to agree with a statement or to simply end an argument, among other things. Get it out of your word bank and start giving a full response; even if you just say, “I’m fine” or “I’m alright with that.” If you must send a quick text, at least have the courtesy to fully spell out the word—okay!

3 Passion

Back in the day when you heard the word “passion,” you’d envision a tender romance scene in a movie. Not so much anymore. Now any and everyone is passionate about everything. Actors are passionate about fighting for animal rights; lawmakers are passionate about passing their bills and chefs are passionately cooking up their beloved family recipes in the kitchen. We get it: You feel strongly. These business settings aren’t the proper places to use the word “passionate.” Save passion for the bedroom where it belongs.

2 Trending

What did you used to do before things were trending online? Where did you get your afternoon giggles without all those cute cat videos popping up in your search engine? Fortunately, with modern technology, everyone is free to post pics, videos and updates, right as they’re happening. The more people who like, comment on or share something, the more hits it gets online—hence the term “trending.” If these trending sites or posts were high school students, they’d be the popular kids—like captains of cheerleading squads or football quarterbacks.

1 Like

Like nobody wants to sound like a valley girl, so you should, like, start getting the word “like” out of your head. Sadly, even if you manage to nix the overused word from your vocab, your world is still surrounded by “likes.” Virtually every social media site under the sun asks you to like a business page, a friend’s photo or a family member’s status update. You can just take a deep breath and click the button, without actually having to say the word.

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