Top Celebrities Who Were High School Dropouts

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Parents teach their kids that they have to finish high school to be successful in life. Really? What about those famous people who were high school dropouts? They proved that you can make it to the top without a high school education. In fact, some of them are successful billionaires and they did it without the high school diploma.

5 Johnny Depp

Sometimes a lack of education is due to family stresses, and Johnny Depp has managed to suffer through them all and still become one of America’s most successful stars. One of his first big movie roles as “Edward Scissorhands” earned him $54 million. Depp has received three Oscar nominations and much fame through movies such as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. He never let the lack of a high school diploma interfere with achieving his goals.

4 Bjorn Borg

The sports industry has its own heroes who have made them proud. Bjorn Borg is a Swedish-born tennis player who dropped out of high school and became a five-time Wimbledon champion and published author. He started several businesses, and although only some were successful, he kept his positive attitude and his determination to stay at the top.

3 Agatha Christie

Even the very famous and best-selling British author Agatha Christie dropped out of high school and became the epitome of success. Her mystery books are popular around the globe and have inspired many box office movies with her imagination and writing talent. In fact, in 1971 she was given the rank of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for her contributions to literature.

2 Princess Diana

There is also a woman who stole the hearts of everyone in her role as an English royal, and it might surprise you to learn that Princess Diana also dropped out of high school at the age of 16. She was a failing student and dropped out to focus on something better–as in her older sister’s boyfriend who we know as Prince Charles, oldest son and heir to the British throne. Her marriage to him a few years later earned her the title of Princess. You can’t get much higher than that.

1 Simon Cowell

Even though many people dislike the attitude of Simon Cowell, they’ll still watch this sexy and debonair guy who became famous for his roles in “American Idol,” “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor.” He’s confident and gifted and you’d never guess that he dropped out of high school at the age of 16. By the time he was 23 he had his own record label, Fanfare. He’s one determined entrepreneur who has made it as one of the top media people of the world because his directive has never been about education. In his own words, “Good is not enough; you’ve got to be great.”

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