Top 7 Actresses Who Don’t Mind Showing Skin In Every Movie They’re In

Margot Robbie Shower

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Throughout movie history, one thing has remained a constant. Beautiful women, who show plenty of skin, will attract men and thus more movies will sell when you use them. The industry found this out very early in their time, which is why even silent films would seek out beautiful young women to do silent films. Some were phased out due to bad acting or voices for talking pictures, but the same idea of a pretty face was perfect for them.


Various women such as Marilyn Monroe made a career out of being a sex symbol for the industry. She among others were used to help sell you on the product, and whether or not it was good did not matter. At the very least, a person was able to see the good looks and skin of a sexy actress. The movie industry moved to Hollywood decades ago and seemed to think that this was a must-have for every, single film. Literally.


Even in kids movies, you’ll find a female in some role where she is made to either be the love interest or main character. The main reason is that female additions are huge selling points, regardless of age or genre. However, some movies may be terrible but always remembered if some skin is shown. These seven actresses are known for being very open to showing their bodies for film. In fact, you’ll find some do it in every movie they’re in. Enjoy.


Julianne Moore


Julianna Moore

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Julianne Moore is quite a lovely woman who has several major movies to her credit. She has been amazing in her work with films such as Boogie Nights, Body of Evidence, Hunger Games, The Kids are Alright, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. She has been nominated for several awards for her work in both television and film, which is for good reason. She is quite amazing as an actress and deserves every nomination. However, earlier in her career she did exactly what young actresses tend to do.


Julianne showed some skin. Not just a bit, but quite a lot. In Boogie Nights alone, you see her nude off and on. She had something to show in these various films, and had no problem letting everything loose. She showed skin from then on, and has appeared nude in eight movies thus far. While today, she is a famous actress with award nominations to her credit…she is still an artist. If a script calls for her to show skin, she does it. In her movies, she does not have to appear nude to show skin. She with show a great bit of cleavage, and anything else needed of her.


Regardless, you know what you’re getting when you cast her. She’s willing to do all it takes to make the movie must-see. It doesn’t matter how much she has to show or what she has to do. It is something to respect at the very least.


Ann Hathaway


Ann Hathaway

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Years ago, we first came across Ann Hathaway as a lovable teen in the Princess Bride. It was a great film that had major success and launched Ann into stardom. She was always seen as a great actress, but she wanted to quickly remove herself from roles like this that saw her as just a young face in Hollywood. This led her to showing skin in the movie Havoc, where she appeared nude for the first time. Her gamble worked.


She then starred in major movies like Get Smart, Brokeback Mountain, Devil Wears Prada, and Bride Wars. She would show skin a bit in these films too, but nothing more than cleavage. It seemed her career was going down a bit, which led her to do a very memorable film known as Love and Other Drugs. This is where she would be nude throughout, and it became a running gag that Ann would be willing to show whatever as long as the story called for it.


Her gamble at showing a very fun side of her paid off again. She would go on to star in The Dark Knight Rises, Les Miserables, and Intersteller. One of which would win her an Academy Award. She managed to show skin in various films, but her nude roles seemed to get her the most attention each time. Ann is one of the best actresses of our time, and the fact she is willing to do whatever it takes to tell the story presented must be commended.


Salma Hayak


Salma Hayak

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This lovely actress has starred in some major films, and is known literally for one thing, her sexiness. Salma Hayak started off her career as mostly a Spanish movie/tv actress, but quickly caught the attention of Hollywood that would use her well. She would go on to be one of the most used sex symbols of her time. Whenever you needed that extra added punch of sexy, Hayak was called in to provide it. Such as the case of the movie Wild Wild West. She would show her butt in that film and wear busty outfits.


This is not her only scandalous role, as she appeared in movies like Desperado, Frida, and From Dusk Til Dawn in very big sexy roles. She has now appeared nude in six films. Her roles as of late have not been as significant in the sex driven roles. But due to her voice, she has been a clear help to push this even if it was not massive. She would star in Sausage Party and Puss in Boots, both animated, but both involving roles where it was sex driven in some way.


Even in the Grown Ups franchise, the aspect of her character is to be the sexy wife of Adam Sandler. All of her roles seem to provide that one thing that cannot be denied, and she does it all while being perfectly okay with showing a bunch of skin. She simply seems to enjoy those roles, and we’re not upset by it.


Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. While today she seems to focus more on directing and being a mom rather than being a sexy actress, she had been holding down the hot chick you want in every movie role for years. She had been in some very big roles, such as one of her biggest ever in the Tomb Raider series, where she was the reason every teenager became a man. She would also star in Gia, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Wanted, Salt, and of course Girl, Interrupted.


She has now appeared nude in 13 different films. However, due to her sexy nature she was asked to show a great bit of skin in pretty much every role that wasn’t animated since. Once she appeared nude the first time and then went on to work as Lara Croft, it was pretty much impossible for her to get roles where she did not have to show skin at some point in the movie.


She has seemingly been okay with this, even as she has aged. She never cared about showing skin as long as it was right for the story of the film. If it was just added to be added, then she would be against the idea. However, due to her ability to know when to pick the right role, she has seemingly been able to avoid doing too many skin driven roles as she has become a veteran in the business. However, she does seem willing to show whatever just to keep the sex symbol look alive.


Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

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Margot Robbie is this generation’s sex symbol. The Australian bombshell has been acting for around a decade now, but got her big break in the Leonardo DiCaprio film, The Wolf of Wall Street. She played his sexy young, overly sexed wife. She would appear nude or with a ton of skin showing in most of this film and that would get her a ton of attention in Hollywood. Obviously with this being a Leo film, it was going to gain traction the moment it hit theaters. The man cannot make a bad movie these days and movie goers know it.


So when Robbie was seen here, it made sense to think every film afterward would end up using her sexy skills. While funny enough she has not appeared nude in any movie since this, she has be seen wearing skimpy outfits in a number of movies. She was the co-star with Will Smith in Focus, which showed her impressive skills as an actress and seductress. From there she starred as a dream version of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Seriously, fans hoped she would play the role so much that Warner Bros. had no choice but to pay her whatever and bring her on.


She was the very reason the movie got any love, but she also played the role right…which was to be a sexy/crazy person. She would go on to be pretty much cannot miss, as every role she has played since Wolf has been either tremendously successful financially and/or loved by critics. Such as her role as different type of Jane in The Legend of Tarzan. Her sexy skills were even used primarily for that reason as she was in a tub naked with bubbles just to talk about mortgage material in The Big Short.


Overall, she is clearly going to get a lot of attention for years to come. However, like the other women it is not just because of her ability to show skin and be gorgeous doing it. She is also an amazing young actress who can seemingly play any role asked of her, and work in both comedy and drama with ease. This makes her a casting dream. Expect her to continue to get major offers for the next few decades.


Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet might be one of the greatest actresses of our time. She is an Academy Award winning actress who has been in some of the biggest movies in history. The massive success known as The Titanic was possibly her biggest role ever, and it was a huge success at the Oscars. This led to Kate getting a lot of offers out of Hollywood. Both she and Leonardo DiCaprio were able to make a ton of amazing films since.


Funny enough, as The Titanic proved, Kate was willing to do whatever she had to do in order to make the film great. This pushed for her to appear nude in the film and show a lot of skin throughout. While she appeared nude in other films, this movie truly got the traction it deserved and thus, she was seen more. Hollywood casting directors knew that if she was willing to show skin in random films as well as big ones, she would do it in other movies too. She has since appeared nude in eleven other films.


It worked for her, as she went on to star in movies such as Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, the Divergent series, The Reader, Labor Day, and Steve Jobs.  She did not show skin in every single movie, but she has done it far more than one would assume. It seems to be working for her, so who are we to tell her to do things differently?


Monica Bellucci


Monica Bellucci

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This Italian bombshell may not be known very well to some, but there is a significant amount of people who know her. Mostly known for her work in small films in Italy, Monica Bellucci has been in various European films and made her way into Spanish ones as well. That is not all, as she was able to star in some massively successful American movies too.


You may have seen her in Passion of the Christ, James Bond: Spectre, and The Matrix series. She managed to get away with showing skin in a lot of these films, but she did not seem to have to be nude in most of the American films. That did not stop her from showing a lot of skin in them. However, her Italian and Spanish roles seemed to push for her to show not just a little, but a ton of skin.


She has now appeared nude in twenty-six films thus far. Despite being in her early 50’s right now, she is still gorgeous and willing to bare all if asked. This allows for her to be used in various roles, which most won’t complain about.

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