Top 5 YouTube Child Sensations Who Will Hate Their Parents by Age 16

Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images
Some people look to inform with their YouTube videos, while others are in it just for a good laugh. Then there are those funny videos starring kids that leave the viewer wondering what on Earth the parents could be thinking by posting the content for the whole world to see. Even when these videos are entertaining, it seems more likely that the kid will grow up being teased by his peers rather than celebrated for his fame.

5 Lil’ Kid on Drugs

Life is already tough enough for kids, but this young boy’s parents decided it was worth humiliating him for maybe his entire life by posting this embarrassing video on YouTube. The video features a very excited young boy—excited as in possibly on a sugar rush or off of his medications—singing his ABCs and other songs. This kid will surely be hating his parents by the time he turns 16.

4 Nintendo Sixy-Foooooooooour

Video game enthusiasts can appreciate the kid’s excitement for receiving a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. The child may have loved his parents for buying him a new video game console, but you can imagine him today as a teenager, suffering from high anxiety from random people sneaking up behind him and screaming, “Nintendo Sixty-Foooooooooour!”

3 David After the Dentist

“David After the Dentist” stars a young boy talking in the back seat of the car immediately after leaving a dentist’s office. The child is still clearly feeling the effects from the laughing gas and spouts random questions such as, “Why is this happening to me?” “Is this going to be forever?” and “Is this real life?” David will likely be asking those same questions for the rest of his life after his dad decided it was a good idea to post the video on YouTube, making him one of the biggest YouTube celebrities ever.

2 Charlie Bit My Finger

“Charlie Bit My Finger” stars a young duo enjoying a play session together when Charlie bites the finger of his brother Harry. Shortly after commenting how much it hurt, the same thing happens again, but the expressions of the two make this an unforgettable video. It can’t be understated how often the two will hear some of the phrases from the video for the rest of their lives and immediately think badly of their parents for posting the video on YouTube for the world to see.

1 11-Month-Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

This video isn’t the first video that comes to mind when thinking of embarrassing YouTube videos featuring children, as it simply features two twin girls dancing for their parents on camera while their dad plays his guitar. As the two get older, however, they will surely get tired of people asking them to perform the dance from the video countless times over. At least they didn’t have to go through the growing pains alone.

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