Top 5 Worst Fast Food Snacks

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Snack foods are supposed to get rid of that rumbling in your belly just until you have time to sit down for your next meal. Sadly, though, some fast food restaurants offer snacks that have enough calories and fat to make it seem as if you’re eating a meal. These five snacks are some of the worst offenders on the menu. Steer clear!

5 Doughnuts

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Few things are as enjoyable as snacking on a doughnut and sipping on coffee while trying to stay awake at your morning meeting. While doughnuts are sure to please your palate, they won’t please anything else in your body. One of those perfect, warm glazed doughnuts—the ones that melt in your mouth in just a few bites—adds over 250 calories and more than 13.5 grams of fat to your diet.

4 Onion Rings

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Onion rings: America’s way of turning an ultra-low-calorie and virtually fat-free veggie into a smorgasbord of unhealthy gooiness. A moderate size order, around eight to nine rings, gives you about 340 calories. You’ll even get close to 21 grams of fat to top it off. Love ketchup? Dipping your crispy fried onion rings into a pile of ketchup tacks on another 30 calories from just four of those teeny packets.

3 Sliders

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Those baby-size burgers seem harmless enough, right? Don’t be fooled by the snack-size version of the cheeseburger. One slider has roughly 340 calories and nearly 22 grams of fat. Suddenly your mini burger isn’t so guilt-free after all. If you’re really craving this pint-size version of the American classic, at least ditch the cheese. By doing without a 0.5-ounce slab of cheese, you’ll shave more than 45 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

2 Nachos

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Some nachos are piled high with meat, beans and diced veggies. Clearly, these cheesy chips are designed to be entire (unhealthy) entrees. However, those little snack size nachos with nothing but cheese on them are almost equally, alarmingly terrible for you. A small 4-ounce portion with six to eight chips has almost 350 calories and 19 grams of fat. This tiny snack-size version of nachos is enough to bulk up your waistline, although it’s probably not big enough to tide over your appetite.

1 Cheese and Bacon Potato Wedges

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You can repeatedly tell yourself that potatoes are a veggie and must be good for you, but when you deep fry them, coat them in cheese and sprinkle them with bacon bits, their nutritional value goes out the window. A drive-thru side dish of cheesy, bacony potato wedges has an astounding 760 calories—more than you should probably eat for an entire meal. As a bonus, you’ll get about 52 grams of fat. Keep snacking on these and you’ll move up a pant size in no time.

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