Top 10 Worst Junk Food Snacks

Junk food snacks are supposed to get rid of that rumbling in your belly just until you have time to sit down for your next meal. Sadly, though, some fast food restaurants offer snacks that have enough calories and fat to make it seem as if you’re eating a meal. These 10 snacks are some of the worst offenders on the menu. Steer clear!

Here are the top 10 worst junk food snacks that are dangerously delicious:

10.) Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights

junk food snacks Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights
Let’s be honest; the idea of consuming balls of fried sugar dough filled with sugar sauce for breakfast is too good to be true. And if the idea of getting a Cinnabon-type item from Taco Bell isn’t enough of a red flag, this ingredient list filled with multiple trans fats might.

With an ingredient list longer than most novels, these doughy gut bombs are best avoided. Stick with some dark berries and a pasture-raised egg and spinach omelet in the morning. Your stomach will thank you.