Top 5 Worst Corporate Logos

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and some tell customers to buy from somewhere else. A company’s logo is its most important visual representation, which should grab people’s attention and make a positive statement that hints at the business’ purpose. Some logos draw attention for negative reasons that spark controversy or mockery. A few corporate logos are merely awful for their amazingly poor design, sometimes coming with an unbelievable price tag. A truly terrible logo can hurt sales and destroy brand loyalty.

5 USA Today

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In 2012, USA Today wanted a more contemporary logo than the classic blue-and-white one with the name of the publication and a picture of the earth showing the North American and South American continents. Their solution: Make the “USA Today” words black and shrink them, and then stick them next to a giant blue dot. That’s it. A big, blue dot that looks like a period and the name in small text with “A Gannett Company” written in even smaller text below. Had the circle not been larger than the text or if it had any characteristics other than being a solid blue dot the logo might have worked.

4 London 2012

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The only thing worse than a logo that reminds people of a swastika is a swastika-like logo that you paid £400,000 for, which is around $604,000. The logo of the 2012 London Summer Olympics provoked a range of reactions when unveiled, none of them positive. It looks like a jumble of oddly shaped purple puzzle pieces outlined in gold. People were unimpressed, some offended. Iran thought the logo spelled “Zion” and threatened to boycott. Even modern art fans didn’t like it, and they like everything.

3 WGN America

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Both the original WGN America logo and the new one are terrible. The first one was a boring depiction of two jagged halves of a blue circle with the words “Superstation WGN” underneath. You couldn’t even tell what it was advertising. The new logo is worse. Two creepy eyes heavily made up with eyeliner and a hint of black hair are inside a purple border with “WGN America” on top and “TV You Can’t Ignore” below. At best, it looks stalkerish, like there’s a woman glancing through your mail slot to see what you’re watching. At worst, it seems threatening, like if you don’t watch WGN some crazy chick will come to your house.

2 Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

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The logo of the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission was shockingly disturbing. At first glance, it looks just like a silhouette of a priest. You look a little closer and notice that standing in front of the black priest is a white boy consisting of a circle for a head and a semi-circle on top of a rectangle that represents the kid’s body. The head is at crotch level. Perhaps the priests who approved the design didn’t have dirty enough minds to spot the problem, but some layperson involved in the creation of the logo should have said something.

1 Locum

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Sometimes, the language barrier opens a company up to unbelievably bad reactions. The Swedish property management company, Locum, decided to make their logo a blue rectangular box with “Locum” written in white text in the center. Unfortunately, the “l” was lowercase and the “o” was replaced by a red heart, thereby looking like a logo that would be a better fit for a pornography management company.

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