Top 5 Worst Comic Book Villains

Comic books and the movies that came from them have created some fantastic villains that we all love to hate. The Joker, Lex Luthor, Magneto and Loki all strike fear into the hearts of heroes and fans. These villains, not so much. Whether it was a mad attempt to grab more readers or a comic writer trying to get himself fired for the severance package, there have been some terrible villains in the comics.

5 Second-Tier Batman Foes

Something about Batman brings out the crazy in people. Sure The Joker is nuts, but he’s awesome at it. Some of Batman’s other enemies didn’t really get the “awesome” part of the crazy-memo. Penny Plunderer steals pennies, but he also uses pennies to fight with. Which is it, Penny? Do you want to steal them or are they your power? Or, there’s Kite-Man who, you know, flies around on a kite. Plus he uses kites as weapons. That’s why they call him Kite-Man. Don’t forget about The Calculator who, for some reason, has a calculator strapped to his chest and the display on his forehead. He calculates stuff, and that makes Batman scared somehow. It was the 70s; it made sense back then. Finally, there’s Crazy Quilt, the guy dressed in an amazing, Technicolor quilt-suit who painted things bright colors because he lost the ability to see anything but bright colors in a tragic accident. I kid you not. He tries to steal all the color from Gotham City. Batman doesn’t even show up to fight him, he just sends Robin, and presumably, takes a nap under a same quilt.

4 Blue Snowman

You know what happens when small-town schoolteachers have scientist fathers who invent technology for the betterment of humanity, right? Of course, they turn into money-grabbing, cross-dressing super-villains. Byrna Brilyant decided that educating the minds of tomorrow wasn’t paying enough, so she took the “blue snow” technology that her father invented and dressed up as the Blue Snowman. She’d freeze stuff and then extort the owners of the stuff before she’d unfreeze it. Wonder Woman beat her up. Later a giant space creature used a love potion on her so she fought another giant space creature that ate her.

3 Lady Stilt-Man

She’s a lady and a stilt-man; she’s Lady Stilt-Man! Back in the 1960s, when comic book writers were stretching for villains, they came up with Stilt-Man, a guy who used telescoping legs to steal stuff from high places. The Punisher murdered him. With a rocket launcher. Ouch. However, in 1999, an unnamed woman appeared with the same technology and battled the team of Spider-Man and Deadpool. They nearly broke a sweat in removing a manhole cover and leading her to step into the gaping hole. They also nearly kept a straight face as she broke into tears after her defeat.

2 Doctor Spectro

The nefarious Doctor Spectro—alias Tom Emery—uses the power of prisms to make people sad, somehow. The prisms emit hallucinations and double-images of himself so he can perpetrate evil of sorts. In 1966, when the bad doctor first appeared in issue 79 of Captain Atom, prisms and rainbows were still not considered cool. Plus, his powers of sadness and pretty pictures didn’t do much against Captain Atom’s invulnerability, super-strength and ability to transmute matter. Too bad.

1 Asbestos Lady

In the 1940s, asbestos was a miracle material with super-insulating properties. So, naturally the enemy of The Human Torch would be clad in the material. The Torch could melt and burn everything around Victoria Murdock, but not her, due to the properties of her asbestos-lined garb. She sought to soak The Torch with water, but he kept escaping and putting her in prison. Ultimately, she got the cancer. You know, from the asbestos. An ignoble end for a forgettable villain.

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