Top 40 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrities are experts at getting all the attention. They know that a brilliant tattoo can make the headlines—and sometimes faster than a solid performance or a stunning gown. An awful tattoo gets the most attention, of course, but it’s not exactly the kind of attention you want. From poorly-drawn tattoos to tattoos that do not make sense, these horrible celebrity tattoos will make you laugh! Some celebrity tattoos are so bad that you have to wonder whether the star in question was drunk or the victim of a crazed tattoo artist attack.

These are the top 40 worst celebrity tattoos.

40.) Steve-O

steve-o tattooed himself on his body

Body Art Guru

Steve-O, of Jackass fame, is known for his multitude of tattoos. Each one is a work of grand intentional stupidity. Steve-O likes making people laugh, and every time he sits for new ink he chooses only what he thinks will make people smile.

The worst of the bunch has to be the one of own face tattooed on his back. The image selected is a leering, goofy, grinning Steve-O that takes up his entire back. It’s not so much funny as it is disturbing.

39.) Mike Tyson

mike tyson terrible face tattoo

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mike Tyson has a really big tattoo on his face. It looks like some alien claw is attacking his head.

The man used to spend most of his life smashing in other men’s faces, but in the end, it seems the face he punishes the most is his own.

38.) Kesha

kesha suck it lip tattoo

TBS/Team Coco

Kesha does know how to shock the masses, doesn’t she? She isn’t covered in a ton of tattoos, but one of her choices is particularly puzzling, even for Kesha. The tattoo that one has to assume was a dare or a horrible drunken mistake is at least small and can’t be seen unless you’re exploring her mouth.

She must have decided that her gold teeth weren’t fancy enough, so she inked the words “Suck It!” on the inside of her lower lip.

37.) Harry Styles

harry styles childish hi tattoo


Harry’s 40-something tattoos include many that are extremely low quality. Among them is the word “Hi,” which makes little sense to logical folks. If you’re going to get inked, why write “Hi” in writing that resembles a grade school binder doodle?

It could be said that a large percentage of Harry’s tattoos are in the running for worst celebrity tattoo, but tied for the most dreadful are the giant butterfly on the middle of his abdomen and the swallows on either side of his chest. With maturity comes common sense. Hopefully. With any luck, some talented tattoo artist can cover Harry’s faux pas with works of art.

36.) Chris Brown

chris brown sugar skull tattoo

Killer Hip Hop

In September 2012, Chris Brown stepped out sporting what looks a lot like a battered face of his ex-girlfriend. Many were horrified that he’d ink such an image on his neck after pleading guilty to felony assault of his ex-girlfriend.

In a statement to celebrity gossip website, Brown’s rep said the tattoo was not his ex, nor is it a battered woman. Apparently, it is a Mexican-themed “sugar skull,” which a split image of a skull and a woman’s face. Whatever it was he thought he was choosing, the tattoo is big, it’s plastered on his neck, and it looks like wrong.

35.) Megan Fox

megan fox failed Shakespeare tattoo


Megan focus is a hottie turned mom. Part of her sex appeal was all of her tattoos. But one of them is strange and it has us scratching our heads.

She has a back tattoo of a poorly-paraphrased Shakespeare quote.

34.) Miley Cirus

miley-cyrus worst celebrity tattoos

Miley Cyrus’ ‘sad kitty’ tattoo first appeared when she was on the stage of the 2013 American Music Awards.

She performed in front of a video of a crying cat. So maybe she wanted to be on theme and keep it as a souvenir?

33.) Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne lock and key daddy tattoo

Body Art Guru

Kelly Osbourne has a tattoo that reads “daddy” in a heart with a lock and key.

Is this a tribute to her dad? Or does it have another meaning?

32.) Hayden Panettiere

hayden panettiere misspelled back tattoo

INF Photo

It’s embarrassing when celebrities have tattoos that are misspelled because they are in the limelight! Unfortunately, Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo was meant to say “live without regrets,” but it’s misspelled.

She can either get it removed or fix it!

31.) Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran faceless couple tattoo

Getty Images

Ed Sheeran has a sleeve of tattoos. Some more strange than others. They range from an adorable teddy bear to Heinz ketchup. He does have many more.

But the strangest tattoo is on his right forearm; there are two faceless people kissing and getting down.

30.) Jackson Rathbone

worst celebrity tattoos ketchup

The actor who played Jasper in Twilight has a weird obsession for ketchup.

So much that he got a big Heinz Ketchup bottle tattooed on his calf now!

29.) Amanda Seyfried

amanda seyfried minge slang tattoo


Amanda Seyfried has a great acting career. Seyfried played the dumb blonde character, Karen, in Mean Girls. When people see her on the red carpet when she is promoting a new movie, or she is walking around, people noticed a very strange tattoo on her body. The star has a tattoo that says “minge,” which means vagina in British slang.

She explained that she and two other co-stars on the set of Mama Mia decided to get it because it is a term of endearment in America.

28.) Rihanna

rihanna rebellious flower typo tattoo


Mistakes happen, even to singers and actors. Well when Rihanna got her tattoo on her neck, she made a mistake.

It was more of a typo actually. Instead of reading “rebellious flower,” it read “flower rebel.” Oops!

27.) Snooki

snooki leopard winged tattoo


At first glance, Snooki’s tattoo looks like an angry cat with wings. It looks weird and awkwardly large on her body. But she explained the meaning behind the tattoo by saying that she decided to choose a leopard because it represented a lot of different things for her.

She said that she loves leopard and leopard print. She also shared that she felt like it represented a strong, independent women. The wings are for everyone in her family who has passed away, and the crown is for Snooki being a strong, independent woman.

26.) Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson barbed wire tattoo

Moviestone Collection/Rex

Similar to her 90s action-flick Barbed Wire, Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo hasn’t aged well.

The tattoo is out of style and tacky. We suggest she removes this!

25.) Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner worst celebrity tattoos


The Kardashian/Jenner clan is always involved with some sort of scandal. Well, that didn’t stop this model! Kendall Jenner got “meow” tattooed on her lip.

The best part? She was drunk! She admitted that there is no real reasoning behind her new face tattoo.

24.) Pink

If you do not know what this barcode means, it can be confusing.

Apparently, the numbers below are a combination of the release date of one of her albums, her birthday, and her lucky number 13. Creative, but still strange.

23.) Soulja Boy

soulja boy worst celebrity tattoos

Amy Graves/BET/Getty Images

Even though this rapper hasn’t had a hit single is a long time, Soulja Boy wants to show off fancy logos all over his face.

The high end logos range from cars to designers. His most popular tattoo is the Gucci logo in between his eyebrows.

22.) Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie worst celebrity tattoos

Wire Image

This actress went through a wild phase when she was younger. She married the actor, Billy Bob Thornton, and they were always displaying PDA.

Well, she decided to get his name tattooed on her arm. This was a bad decision because they ended up divorcing a few years later. Thankfully she was able to cover up this tattoo.

21.) Birdman

birdman worst celebrity tattoos


This rapper decided to get a huge red star on the top of his head.

Did it hurt?

20.) Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner sanity tattoo


Kylie Jenner was just recently named the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes magazine. That doesn’t stop her from getting the worst tattoo ever.

The tattoo on her side is the phonetic spelling of “sanity.” Similar to her other tattoos, it is small and red.

19.) Drake

drake worst celeb tattoo


The rapper got one of the weirdest tattoos on his shoulder, a cologne bottle.

He might have gotten this on his body because it’s a nod to his older Twitter handle, @drakkardnoir.

18.) Lana Del Rey

lana del rey die young tattoo

Pacific Coast News

This singer is known for her strange antics. Getting a tattoo on her ring finger that says “die young” is one of them.

She has said that she wished she died already because some of her favorite musicians died young.

17.) Zac Efron

zac efron yolo tattoo


YOLO was a popular phrase a few years back. It was so popular that this actor decided to get it tattooed on him.

Since then, it looks like it has been removed.

16.) Jenni “JWoww” Farley

jwoww disney tattoo


The Jersey Shore star has a tattoo sleeve of Disney. If you take a look at it, you see that Sleeping Beauty died from overdosing, Prince Eric is straight up ignoring Ariel, and Prince Charming is hurting Cinderella.

Farley admitted that this is the reality of relationships.

15.) Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne bacon tattoo


So many people are obsessed with bacon, including this supermodel.

She loved it so much that she decided to get the word “bacon” tattooed on her.

14.) Nicole Richie

nicole richie virgin tattoo

Instagram/Getty Images

Astrology signs always stay the same, but Nicole Richie did an oopsie when she accidentally tattooed “virgin” instead of “virgo” on her wrist.

It’s funny because virgos are known for their attention to detail, but Richie did not notice this. She must not be that much of a virgo then.

13.) Lena Dunham

lena dunham odeon tattoo


If you quickly look at Dunham’s tattoo, it looks like a cheeto.

In reality, it’s just her favorite restaurant name.

12.) Zayn Malik

zayn malik eye tattoo on chest

Pacific Coast News/Splash News

Imagine breaking up with your ex and you have her eyes tattooed on your chest. Well, the former One Direction star dated Gigi Hadid, a supermodel.

He decided to get her gorgeous eyes on him, and we think that was a bad idea since they are no longer together.

11.) Ryan Cabrera

ryan cabrera ryan gosling tattoo


Imagine having a fellow Hollywood star getting your face tattooed on their leg.

That’s what happened when Ryan Cabrera got Ryan Gosling’s face tattooed on him during a weird game of tattoo roulette.

10.) Sarah Hyland

sarah hyland dinosaur tattoo

Sarah Hyland/Instagram

The Modern Family actress got a booty tattoo that is just silly.

She got this dinosaur tattoo with her best friend.

9.) Johnny Depp

johnny depp scum tattoo

Did you ever notice that Johnny Depp had a knuckle tattoo? Apparently it used to read “Slim,” which was a nickname for his ex-wife Amber Heard.

After they got divorced, he changed it to “Scum.”

8.) Amber Rose

amber rose wiz khalifa tattoo

Amber Rose fell hard for Wiz Khalifa. She loved him so much that she got his face on her arm!

They did break up and she covered the tattoo up!

7.) Zoë Kravitz and Jason Momoa

zoe kravitz tattoo

This stepdaughter and stepfather pair have a close bond. They are so close that they decided to get a tattoo together.

It reads “être toujours ivre,” which means “always be drunk.” Interesting!

6.) T-Pain

tpain like tattoo

Getty Images

T-Pain admitted that every time he goes to Hawaii, he gets a tattoo.

He gave a nod to the “like” button on Facebook with this tattoo.

5.) Gucci Mane

gucci mane ice cream tattoo

Getty Images

Imagine loving ice cream so much that you get it tattooed on your face!

That’s what Gucci Mane did and the word “brr” is written across the cone.

4.) Margaret Cho

margaret cho tattoo

This comedian decided to add to her colorful tattoo collection by getting a gun.

This odd tattoo is an old fashioned gun on her left thigh. Hopefully security has not stopped her!

3.) Cheryl Cole

cheryl cole tattoo


This singer has a variety of bad tattoos. One of them is the huge back tattoo of roses!

It goes down all the way to her butt.

2.) Zosia Mamet

zosia mamet tattoo

Getty Images

This Girl star always wanted a heart tattoo after she fell in love.

She decided to put it on her palm to made it more “edgy.”

1.) Nick Cannon

nick cannon mariah tattoo

Splash News

Nick Cannon was so head over heels for Mariah Carey that he got her name on his big!

Well, they did get a divorce and he has covered it up since then.

Let’s add a little one for the road, but this time to show the opposite of what a confusing tattoo looks like: Emma Watson’s “Time’s Up” tattoo.


It may have caused some buzz at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party due to its missing apostrophe, but we love the sentiment behind it. And yes, she’s aware of the typo, and no, it’s not a permanent tattoo.

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