Top 5 Well-Known Logos With Lesser-Known Meanings

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Much of the impact a great brand logo has on consumers is subconscious. People see a logo and it inspires feelings that the company hopes are positive. When you take the time to learn about the deeper meaning behind a great logo, you often gain insight into a company’s values.

5 FedEx

Few companies have been as consistent and coordinated with building a brand image as shipping services company FedEx. The company’s logo simply spells out the name “FedEx” in jumbo lettering, with the letters “Fed” in blue and the letters “Ex” in orange. What often gets overlooked, though, is the inclusion of a right-facing arrow formed between the letters “E” and “x.” This is intended to convey the company’s oft-stated benefits of efficiency and accuracy in delivery.

4 Apple

Apple is one of the most powerful brands in the world as of 2013 and its apple logo is nothing short of iconic. While the logo has gone through a few iterations over time, including changes in color and size, one of the consistent elements of the logo is the bite taken out of its right side as you look at it. The bite actually serves a relatively simple, but important purpose: it allows viewers to distinguish the fruit from a cherry.

3 Nike

The Nike swoosh was ranked number one in a March 2013 article “The 50 Most Iconic Brand Logos of All Time” by online advertising and entertainment magazine “Complex.” This makes it especially surprising that the majority of the brand’s shoe customers couldn’t tell you the meaning behind the logo. In Greek mythology, Nike is the name of a winged goddess who stands for victory. The swoosh is actually her wing.


The NBC peacock logo is a very old and widely recognized logo to any network TV viewer, though it has gone through several iterations over time. What casual fans likely don’t know is the meaning behind the contemporary peacock’s design. It has six feathers, which represent the six divisions in the broadcasting company as of the 1980s—News, Sports, Entertainment, Television Stations, Television Network and Operations & Technical Services.

1 is the unparalleled giant of online retail, selling everything from books to toys, jewelry, music, movies, decor and clothing. The company’s logo is relatively simple. It simply includes “” in small caps, with black text and a white background. A small, subtle orange arrow also appears under the lettering, which initially looks like it forms the mouth of a smiley face. In fact, the arrow points from the letter “a” to the letter “z” to support the notion that the company sells a wide array of products.

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