Top 5 Weirdest YouTube Communities

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YouTube brings like-minded video lovers together like no other medium in history. People with similar interests and passions can meet each other from afar, share ideas, broadcast their thoughts and upload their creations. Some of these people are really, really weird, and the YouTube communities they create are some of the darkest, funniest, most unbelievable items on the weird side of the Web.

5 The Little Fears

Videos in The Little Fears community feature the soft, soothing sound of a woman’s enticing voice speaking in the background while images—sometimes still pictures, sometimes video clips—play for the viewer. Unfortunately, her voice is reciting some of the most disturbing words ever spoken over images that are often unbearable to look at. She recounts Edgar Allan Poe-esque tales of terror while barely audible music scores the background. Weird, yes, but totally awesome.

4 Jeffery Dallas

Want to hear an awkward, bespectacled, flat-toned man beatbox and rap about jellyfish in a deadpan voice while images of jellyfish play on the screen? Of course you do. Sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by a cast of recurring characters, the Jeffery Dallas community is always, well, weird. His skit about waffles, in which he is visited by the Willy Waffle Company, was viewed more than 14 million times. Weird must be catching on quickly.

3 Real Annoying Orange

Imagine an orange with a horribly creepy claymation mouth that has a voice somewhere between Fran Drescher and Gilbert Godfried and a personality that’s, well, annoying. You’ve got the Real Annoying Orange. Orange mixes it up with other color-coded, creepy talking fruit, finds himself trapped in video games like Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt and, at one point, even takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you were just thinking how great it would be if Orange spoofed famous viral videos, don’t worry, he does that, too.

2 Smosh

If so bad it’s good were an actual genre, the YouTube community of Smosh would be the greatest horrible thing ever. Everything about Smosh, which is the brand of comedic duo Ian and Anthony, is so unbelievably bad that the viewer is left assuming that they have to be doing it on purpose. But apparently, they’re not good enough to be that bad on purpose, so they’re just that bad in reality. The weird part: More than 1.7 million subscribers egg them on to continue every week.

1 Montagraph

Sometimes it seems that the Internet was designed to capture the ramblings of crazy people for the entertainment of all the rest of us. In the case of Montagraph, it succeeded. Montagraph does for us today what circus sideshows did for P.T. Barnum’s customers in the 19th century: It allows us to see a real, live human freak without getting close enough to him that he could hurt us. Sometimes he tells stories that are true, other times he recounts fiction—sometimes he does both while wearing a mask, but one thing he never leaves out is utter and total weirdness.

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