Top 5 Weirdest Foods to Be Served Fried

Just because you can fry anything doesn’t mean you should. However, that’s exactly what some cooks—and that’s putting it nicely—have done. Travel to any state fair and you’ll see just how bizarre things can get. From fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to fried alligators on a stick, there is definitely something for every adventurous taste palate.

5 Spam Curds

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Just when we thought we knew all of the uses for Spam, here comes Spam Curds. The name alone makes us want to run in the opposite direction. Available at the Minnesota State Fair and served at the Spam Burger Booth, Spam Curds are cheese-flavored Spam patties that are battered, deep-fried and then smothered in ranch dressing. We’re guessing Spam Curds are an acquired taste.

4 Alligator on a Stick

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Not to be outdone by Texas and Florida, the Illinois State Fair held in Springfield also has bragging rights when it comes to the oddest fried food. Here, alligator meat is skewered kebab style and deep-fried. If you’re like us and haven’t had the pleasure of eating fried alligator, we’ve been told it has a texture similar to veal and tastes like pork. This is one of those dishes that we’d like to be told is chicken until after we finish eating it.

3 Snap, Krackle and Fluff on a Stick

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Giving Texas a run for its money is the Florida State Fair. This is the home of the Snap, Krackle and Fluff on a Stick. This particular food consists of marshmallows skewered on both sides by a Rice Krispy Treat, which is then dipped in batter and fried. Afterward, it is topped by powdered sugar, caramel, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate. Our teeth our rotting just thinking about this fried dessert.

2 Chicken-Fried Bacon

Another State Fair of Texas delicacy is chicken-fried bacon. As strange as it may sound, we think this dish may actually taste good. Bacon is already fried—and tastes darn good—so this little food experiment, as we like to call it, can’t be all that bad, right? In fact, it won the award for “Best Taste at the Big Tex Awards” in 2008. Although its creator Glen Kusak has been a fair vendor for 12 years, 2008 was the first time he entered the annual contest. Considering his chicken-fried bacon won the first time out, we’re sure it is a taste bud pleaser.

1 Deep-Fried PB&J Banana Sandwich

The peanut butter sandwich is an American staple many of us grew up on. However, this all-time favorite snack was recently turned into something unimaginable. Introduced at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas a few years back, Abel Gonzales—the self-proclaimed “Fry King”—took the traditional PB&J sandwich, added banana slices and then fried it. Claiming to have sold over 15,000 of these Elvis-inspired sandwiches, Gonzales swears the fried concoctions taste great. We’ll take his word for it.

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