Top 5 Weirdest Family Relationship Angles In WWE History

With Kurt Angle finding out that Jason Jordan is his illegitimate child on WWE RAW this past Monday night, many wonder what WWE was thinking. While Jordan is of mixed race, and you could make the case that he is the son of Angle, it’s a far-fetched storyline even still. While it could go any number of directions for the WWE, it isn’t as if this sort of stuff has not happened before.


WWE is known for bringing in some soap opera aspects to their television product. Pro-Wrestling for years has been called a “male soap opera” by critics and even by WWE Chairman and CEO himself, Vince McMahon. While a lot of women watch, the show is geared to a male dominated viewership. That said, these angles are not common because they go far beyond what their audience finds interesting. Especially today.


However, before WWE went PG in 2007 and officially in 2008, there were a large number of angles they would do that were a bit odd to say the least. The company knew their shock factor could work. In a time when the internet didn’t have power like it does now, and no one had camera phones snapping and sending pictures off, the company could get away with a lot. Being shocked makes us happier in some ways. However, not all of these angles made sense. This is especially true regarding family relationship angles the company has done. We found five to exploit that you’ll probably find to be quite odd as well. Enjoy.


Undertaker/Kane/Paul Bearer

Kane Paul Bearer

[Image by Sporting News[

When The Undertaker first appeared with WWE, he was given a manager who was named Paul Bearer. This character was played by Percy Pringle, a manager in various placed before WWE. He actually had a funeral parlor in Alabama, for real. So when it came time to name him, this made it totally easy. Eventually WWE decided they needed an equal to The Deadman, thus they removed Bearer from his side and put him with Kane.


Kane was revealed to be Undertaker’s brother, who supposedly killed their parents in a house fire when he was younger. Initially refusing to fight his little brother, he eventually gave in and the two have been enemies and partners over various instances since. Eventually it was claimed Paul was Kane’s father, which was also Undertaker’s too, in a way. It’s really complicated. But the notes are, Paul is Kane’s father and he and Taker are half-brothers. It’s complicated.


WWE normally likes to remove angles like this after a while and find excuses out of them. However, they never did this with the Brothers of Destruction. It is still part of both of their canons that the characters are brothers. It is not a surprising twist, but it is interesting WWE never corrected that.


Al And Dawn Marie Wilson?

Torrie Wilson Dawn Marie

[Image by WWE]

Torrie Wilson is one of the most popular WWE Divas of all time. She is one of the few to ever appear in Playboy more than once while under WWE contract, and she came in as part of the Invasion angle. She was originally employed by WCW, but when the company was bought by Vince McMahon, her contract was absorbed. She was not the only girl who spent time in another promotion before arriving in WWE. Dawn Marie had several appearances in places like ECW. Yet another rival McMahon bought up.


After this Invasion angle ended, WWE had the trouble of placing people on proper rosters. Dawn and Torrie made it to SmackDown. WWE decided to have them rival each other. It would go from bikini or lingerie contests to random other things. Obviously, this was not the best time for women in WWE. The company decided to then bring Torrie’s father to television. Although really named Al, the part was played by an actor. Al was single and looking to marry, and Dawn Marie was happy to take the challenge. Only a small bit older than Torrie, she would marry her dad and become her step-mother.


Al would have a heart attack among other things. They even tried to simulate possible sexual relations without ever showing anything. Obviously you can only get away with so much for TV. The angle was absolutely nuts, with most every fan hating it. The only thing worth watching was Torrie and Dawn being barely dressed. But that could not even save it.


Dudley Boyz

Dudley Boyz

[Image by WWE]

The Dudley family story is kind of crazy. Back in ECW, the family seemed to encompass various people with no real affiliation to each other. Two men stood out above all others, D-Von and Bubba Ray. Both were great as a tag team, which pushed for ECW to keep them together. Eventually, they would jump to WWE. Eventually Spike, their little brother, would come into play.


The Dudley Boyz were never brothers, but Dudley family was related in some way. D-Von was as black as one man could get while Bubba was a big white man. Meanwhile Spike was a small white man. The entire family was not related, but the idea of them being together was a running gag in ECW. WWE simply kept things going. Edge and Christian eventually established they were just friends and not brothers. The Dudley’s still call each other brother. It is sort of cool, but still so very odd.


Hornswoggle McMahon


[Image by WWE]

This might be one of the weirdest stories ever. There was an issue years ago where Vince McMahon stepped inside his limo where the world watched it explode. Vince wanted to kill off his character, at least for a while, as part of a growing story. However, he also wanted to take himself off television. Then sadly Chris Benoit committed a murder-suicide, which forced WWE to cancel WWE RAW the following week and dedicate the show to him. Vince appeared on that very show.


This meant the storyline of his death had to come to an end. This led WWE to make a new storyline to talk about Vince’s “bastard son.” Vince really did have a problem with cheating on his wife, Linda. McMahon was known for using real life drama to fuel material for WWE programming. His own adulterous actions were in the past, but he knew that could have led to a child, which led to this idea. Since Vince liked making fun of himself, he had the idea to make Hornswoggle his bastard son.


Hornswoggle happened to be a little person who played an Irish Leprechaun on WWE programming. He came down with Finlay every week, who really was from Ireland. Hornswoggle was made to be Vince’s son due to his real family wanting to get him back for trying to kill himself off. The angle was idiotic and all done because of the Benoit situation. It was made later on that Hornwoggle was really Finlay’s son, though he still wasn’t. But for a short time, Hornswoggle was a McMahon and had some power on television.


Eddie Guerrero Is Rey’s Kid’s Father?

Eddie, Rey, and Dominic

[Image by WWE]

Years ago, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were part of a tag team and even held the WWE Tag Titles together. Eddie was jealous of Rey for some time and even fought him at WrestleMania 21 while they were tag champs! The problem came about when Eddie felt he had to have one up on Rey and decided to make the claim that he was the father of Dominic, the son of Rey Mysterio.


Unlike his dad, Dominic was relatively tall and today you will find he towers over his father. Eddie made sense as a possible father, but that meant Rey’s wife had to have been unfaithful. This was obviously not true, but Eddie was so jealous that he pushed Rey into a match for custody of his son. One of the most famous lines for Eddie, the “I’m your Papi” catchphrase, was born from this.


It eventually led to a ladder match for the kid, which was the first time we saw Eddie’s real life wife Vickie brought to television. She would pretty much help Rey win to get her husband from doing something terrible. The entire angle was absolutely crazy. Instead of simply doing a real paternity test, we fought for custody of a kid in a ladder match?!? Weird WWE booking at its best, but most certainly it was one of the worst things WWE has ever done. It ranks for most as WWE’s worst family angle ever.

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