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What are you willing to endure so you can look in the mirror and see clearer skin and fewer wrinkles? It’s impossible to say whether some of these treatments really work or whether people are deluding themselves. Who wants to admit they spent lots of money to have excrement and placenta rubbed on their face and they don’t look any different? Hardcore beauty seekers might want to try these and judge for themselves.

5 Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Customers at London salon Hari’s can get a protein-rich hair treatment made from the semen of Aberdeen Angus bulls. Is soft hair worth spending 45 minutes with a head full of bull sperm? And, spending the equivalent of about $100 for the privilege? Hari’s customers seem to think so. Supposedly, the treatment doesn’t smell like bull semen. If you want to start out smaller, the Norwegian company Maritex will sell you cosmetics made with cod sperm.

4 Pig’s Feet

If you don’t fancy your beauty treatment feeding on you, maybe you’d prefer to eat your beauty treatment. The theory that eating collagen will replace your collagen stores—which age depletes—has led to the trend of devouring collagen-rich pigs’ feet. From Japan to New York, restaurants are popping up with a preponderance of pig’s feet on the menu. The science is a little dubious. The British Nutrition Foundation’s Lisa Miles told the “Telegraph UK” that she’d never heard of eating collagen. Proponents claim eating collagen-rich foods will make your skin moister, your hair shiny and slow the aging process.

3 Leech Therapy

Leeches have long figured in medical treatments, but actress Demi Moore has popularized the bloodsuckers as part of her beauty regimen. She recommends removing all your bodily hair before taking the requisite pre-leech turpentine bath. Then, bring on the leeches. You feel them bite down and can watch them fill with your blood. This supposedly “detoxifies” your blood while beneficial leech enzymes are released into your system.

2 Bird Poop Facial

A “geisha facial” might sound nice, if you think of a geisha as a sex expert and not a sex slave forced into the role since girlhood. This treatment is also called a “bird poop” facial, which sounds even worse. Yep, upscale spas in London and New York are smearing faces with dried, powdered Japanese nightingale droppings mixed with water and rice bran. Supposedly, it smells like oatmeal and leaves your skin shiny and extra-clean.

1 Fish Pedicures

Some spas have discovered they can use tiny Garra Rufa fish, a type of carp, to replace razors used to shave off dead skin during pedicures. The toothless fish can’t get enough of your calluses. Expect about 100 Garra Rufa in the warm water of your pedicure tank. This may tickle, warn veterans of fish pedicures.

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