Top 5 Wedding Twitter Accounts

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There’s nothing new about the Bridezilla concept–the transformation of an otherwise lovely young woman into a demanding, whiny, selfish and catty monster who just won’t leave anyone in her sights alone. Villagers, you can come with the torches any time. But seriously, getting married can put a lot of pressure on a gal. And with Twitter, she can immerse herself full time in everything bridal, say any outrageous comment she wants and get the immediate responses she so craves. Thank you Twitter for distracting these brides-to-be.

5 WeddingChicks @weddingchicks

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Twitter followers: 47K+ (May, 2013)

Deal-seeking coupon queens flock to the WeddingChicks blog because they can find bargains and sometimes get or win free stuff. You can find DIY stuff that’s more funky and, well, not as difficult to pull off as Martha’s. And you can enter to win fab goodies such as a sapphire and diamond ring. Even if you don’t win anything, you are sure to find a deal, and that’s one great way to start a marriage.

4 WeddingWire @WeddingWire

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Twitter followers: 131K+ (May, 2013)

The practical site for the efficient gal, WeddingWire is for techies who love getting everything done online. Not surprisingly, a guy invented it. But it’s not too nerdy or anything. The site matches you with local merchants to save you loads of time in your hunt. The Twitter account is definitely more feminine; you can find the top 10 first dance songs, the prettiest dress of the day or the most intimate wedding venue. Tech can mingle with romance after all.

3 Southern Weddings @iloveswmag

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Twitter followers: 35K+ (May, 2013)

Every southern bride who’s worth her salt wants to plan a wedding that would make any southern belle proud. Even brides from other parts of the country can delight in immersing themselves in some southern weddings complete with southern speak–instead of checking out new vendors, you come on out and say “howdy” to ‘em. Or if you buy something from the Southern Weddings shop, you don’t have to hesitate to say “Yeehaw” for the world to see. Visit this Twitter account and you’ll be charming the “dew right off the honeysuckle.”

2 MarthaStewartWedding @MarthaWeddings

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Twitter followers: 82K+ (May, 2013)

Love her or hate her, lifestyle guru Martha Stewart can make us mere mortals feel as if we fall short when it comes to anything domestic. But if you like a challenge and want to show your friends and family the gloriousness of your inner domestic goddess, go to Martha’s Twitter account. You can see the best hairdos, table décor and wedding themes around to inspire you or to, let’s face it, copy!

1 The Knot @theknot

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Twitter followers: 98K+ (May, 2013)

The Knot website provides information on everything bridal. Future missuses can get wedding ideas, learn how to plan for the big day, download wedding planning tools–like for a budget–(some brides might budget, who knows) and dress ideas. But if you go to the Twitter account, you can be as catty as you like as you peruse the ugliest bridesmaid dresses ever. (There’s a link to one that looks like what a stripper pretending to be a cancan dancer would wear). Or maybe you just want to make fun of boorish wedding guests, like the oh-so-funny groomsmen who say the ever popular “Don’t do it man.”

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