Is Your Wedding Coming Up? These Are 5 Great Gift Registries to Consider!

The days are over when most people got married straight out a college dorm and so many people already have the basic houseware they need long before they married. But for a lot of couples, marriage is still the first time they’re permanently moving in together and setting up house or it may coincide with a move to a bigger place. For those people, a traditional registry is great and if you are already completely equipped there are now some options that give you more flexibility. So check out some the best wedding gift registries out there:

5.) Alternative Options

Aggregator options are some of our favorite wedding gift registries out there. If you really don’t think you can fill a registry with useful items at any one of these stores, there are still options. You don’t have to leave your guests wondering what to do and end up with thirteen vases and seven gravy boats. First of all there are sites like that allow you create one easy registry with items from more than one store, even those that don’t actually have a wedding registry program. Another option is to skip the gifts altogether and ask your guests to help you escape them after the wedding by setting up a honeymoon fund. Companies like HoneyLuna and The Big Day operate these funds very similarly to a traditional gift registry by breaking down your trip into individual gifts, such as airfare, lodging, a couple’s massage or a restaurant dinner.