Top 5 Ways to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Rich

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You may have more reasons to pretend you’re rich than you have holes in your socks. Perhaps you want to marry up, impress your boss or hide your trailer park roots. Or perhaps you want to trick yourself into actually becoming rich. As T. Harv Eker points out in his classic book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” you’ll never become rich if you hold onto the habits that keep you poor. Whatever your reasons, you can take steps to make you seem richer.

5 Associate With Rich People

Just as playing tennis with an opponent who is better than you will improve your game, associating with richer people can improve your financial outlook. Conversely, hanging out with poor people who constantly discuss their downtrodden lives will only drag you down. Buy a drink in the bar of an expensive hotel, or coffee at a café in a rich neighborhood. Attend cultural events at your local opera house or art museum. Cultivate relationships with rich people, and others will think you’re rich, too.

4 Be the Hero

Rich people are the hero in their stories, not the victims. To look rich, you need to show that you are busy creating your fabulous life. That means no griping and whining. As Eker puts it in his millionaire mind book, when you complain you become a “crap magnet.” And especially don’t complain about rich people. That only makes you look poor. Instead, focus on goals and opportunities.

3 Dress the Part

Unless you want to look like new money, your style should lean toward conservative. Find a few good brand name pieces in neutral colors and change your look with accessories. This is less obvious than buying clothes with print designs, which are more memorable and will give away the small size of your wardrobe. Gold is always in style among the rich. A simple gold chain with a charm or small gold hoop earrings looks richer than rhinestones in costume jewelry. Keep your nails filed and your hair trimmed.

2 Buy Stocks

Sign up for a few direct investment plans. You set up a policy through certain big companies, buying their stock for as little as $25 per month. Direct investing allows you to buy a partial share each month if the share price exceeds your designated amount. For example, if the stock trades at $75 per share, it will take you three months at $25 per month to acquire another share. But the important thing is they’ll send you prospectuses, calendars and invitations to vote at stockholder meetings. Leave these in conspicuous places when your friends visit, then apologize for the clutter.

1 Shop Smart

Rich people buy expensive things, but you can’t. Scour garage sales, thrift stores and eBay for cheap deals on expensive brands, but do it privately. Garage sales and resale shops in richer neighborhoods usually have better stuff. If your friends ask where you bought something, be vague. When you shop with them, nonchalantly buy something pricey without looking at the price tag.

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