Top 5 Ways to Tell if Your Man Is Being Unfaithful

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After years of being fully committed to your honey, things don’t quite feel the same. He’s distant, gone more than normal, and, oddly enough, he smells better than ever. These subtle little cues let you know that he’s possibly being unfaithful to you. Before jumping off the deep end, though, read through these top five signals to see if any of them apply to your man.

5 Multiple Social Media Profiles

On your social media sites, you’re listed as “in a relationship with so and so.” It’s your way of broadcasting to the world that you’re in a couple. If he’s trying to hide you though, he might open up another account with a fake name, have a profile picture of an inanimate object or have an account that is so private, you can’t see anything. You may stumble upon this secret profile after doing a quick search of his name or seeing a comment from someone with the same name, but different profile than your boo. People in committed relationships shouldn’t conceal their social-media sites. He’s clearly hiding something that he doesn’t want you to see—perhaps another relationship.

4 Cutting Back on Sex

A year ago, you and your honey went at it like rabbits every night. But sex is incredibly infrequent now, even if you send blatant signals—like climbing into bed in the buff or getting a fresh wax down there. No matter what you do, he seems disinterested or if you can get him on board, it’s quick and feels disconnected. Sure guys think about sex all the time but in reality, their sex organ can only be so active. If he’s not getting it from you, he may be getting it from someone else.

3 Picking Fights

If your man has someone else on the side, he could pick fights with you to try and push you away. In his mind, he may feel less guilty if you’re the one that walks away from him. Plus when he starts nitpicking at tiny details—like where in the world you hid his favorite shirt—he has a “reason” to leave when you get heated and start firing back at him. Now he’s in primo position to head out and spend time with his other sweetie.

2 He Cleans Up

Typically on the weekends, your man avoids the razor and any sort of clothes that have to be ironed. Lately, however, you notice that he shaves before going to the gym, puts on cologne and then comes home completely fresh and clean. You may also see him putting on a button-down shirt to “run errands” or wear dress slacks to make a quick trip to the market. It all seems fishy—like he’s trying to impress another woman.

1 Being Secretive with the Cell Phone

In a happy relationship, cell phones can be your best friend. You can send flirty texts while he’s at work or call him on the way home to see what he wants for dinner. But if your courtship is a bit rocky, suddenly that phone becomes your biggest threat. He may go outside to take a call, have short one-word “yes” and “no” conversations, walk into the other room to send a text or regularly clear out his text and call logs. If he’s being secretive with his phone, it could be a sign that he’s hiding something—or someone.

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