Jari Love’s Top 5 Ways to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

By Jari Love November 1, 2013 View all posts (1)
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You hear stories all the time about how a person begins a remarkable weight loss journey and gets very close to their goal. Some people stick it out to the end and reach the ideal weight that they strived for. Then there are some others who may be on the verge for settling on a weight that is still a few pounds heavier than what they wanted to achieve. Perhaps they are burnt out from already working so hard to lose the pounds that they have lost or maybe they just do not know how to effectively carry on. Jari Love, personal trainer and creator of the Get RIPPED! DVD workout series, wants to help you cross the finish line strong and reach your weight loss goal by losing those last 10 pounds. Here’s how:

5 Stop Eating Carbs at Night

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Nighttime is often the most sedentary time of the day for most of us, as we begin to wind down from a hard day of work and ease into bed. Being sedentary thus means that we need less energy. If you load all of your carbs during dinner, say with a large plate of pasta or a lot of bread, and then go straight to bed, you may soon begin to see the weight pile on as the unused carbs turn into fat.

4 Fill Up on Fiber

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Fiber is an important nutritional ingredient, especially for a weight loss program. Fiber is a “complex” molecule that can’t be digested by humans, some which is why they are so important in weight loss programs. Fibers give you a feeling you fullness without adding as many calories as if you were to eat the regular amount of food; foods high in fiber, such as legumes and green, leafy vegetables, are usually also very low in calories. Additionally, some studies have begun to show that fiber may slightly reduce the absorption of fat in the gut, instead forcing it to be passed alongside other waste. The main benefit of fiber, however, remains its ability to help lower cholesterol and speed up digestion in the gut, which helps lead a healthier lifestyle and aids in weight loss programs.

3 Make Your Scale Work for You

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Research at Brown and Duke Universities have found that those who check their weight daily are twice more likely to reach their goals than those who don’t. By keeping a daily log of your progress, you are much more likely to notice changes – good and bad – in your lifestyle, and adjust accordingly. Plotting your weight on a graph will allow you to monitor your long-term progress.

2 Eat More, Eat Less

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Instead of eating three enormous meals throughout the day, try eating five smaller meals. By the end of the day you’ll have eaten less and helped satisfy any cravings that may have sent you for the potato chip bag. By consciously making a point of eating five times a day, you’ll cut down on snacking, which will lessen your “empty” calorie intake. Especially after having lost a lot of weight, it is possible that your diet plan will plateau. This may be just the thing to kick start it back into action.

1 Go Faster & Harder

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Renowned fitness expert, Dr. Wayne Westcott, suggests putting much more effort into your workouts to make them more effective. Much like a car will use up more gas when you drive faster or harder (think city vs. highway driving), your body will burn more fat if you add intensity to your workouts. Although the percentage of fat calories burned is higher at lower intensities, the total number of calories burned will always be higher if you up your intensity. For instance, at slower speeds, 40% of your calories burnt may come from fat: if you’ve burned 100 calories, 40 of those are fat. At higher speeds, however, maybe only 25% of calories burnt come from fat. But, in the same workout, you might have burnt 300 calories, which would mean that you’ve burnt 75 calories of fat. When you are trying to lose weight, the best number to maximize is the total number of calories burnt. Try adding weights to your cardio, try running twice as fast for less amount of time, or try creating a new routine that will up your intensity and heart rate for as long as possible.

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