Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Boss Without Looking Like a Suck-Up

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Of course you want to impress your boss; he’s the one in charge of deciding whether or not to up your pay or promote you. While you want your boss to know who you are and how much work you do for the company, you have to be careful how you go about making yourself known — you don’t want to look like a suck-up. Read on to learn the top ways to schmooze, without being incredibly obvious.

5 Keep It Clean

A clean workplace is a happy workplace. Keep your desk neat — papers in order, pens in a cup holder and trash emptied each afternoon. It’ll give the appearance that you care, you want to be there and you’re proud of where you work. Go a step further and tidy up common areas as you use them. If you’re the last one to use the coffee maker, for example, wash out the pot and dump out the old grinds. Refill paper towels in the break room if you use the last one, grab a mop if you see a spill and wipe up that spill in the microwave — even if it wasn’t yours. Sure you may feel like the office babysitter, picking up after everyone, but your superior will likely see your tidiness and hear about it from others.

4 Offer Suggestions

Your employer has a lot on his plate. Not only does he have to manage an entire team, make schedules and keep on top of everyone’s training, he also has to make sure that every single thing that each person does is done right. Because you’re down in the pit with the rest of your team all day, you can see where things can be streamlined. It’s possible that some team members are overloaded with deadlines, while others don’t have a lot going on and can lend a helping hand. Or maybe that new system for inputting data is making things harder, ultimately backing up everyone’s workload. Write everything down, swing by your supervisor’s desk, ask him if he has a few minutes and let him know what you see. Your suggestions let him know that you genuinely care about your team and company’s success.

3 Watch the Clock

Everyone watches the clock at the end of the business day — that hand tends to move slower and slower as 5 o’clock approaches. That’s not the only time you need to pay attention to the clock, though. Get to work early, so you’re logged into your system with a fresh cup of coffee on your desk before your scheduled start time. When you head out for lunch, don’t go somewhere that has long lines and ties you up. Even though your boss’ office is way down the hall, he surely knows if you’re getting back from lunch 10 minutes late every day. Lastly, when he gives you a task and says he needs it done in an hour, watch the clock to ensure it’s completed in that time frame — even earlier if possible.

2 Ask What’s Next

You’ve spent days grueling over that report to get it to your boss by the deadline. Not only did you get it done, you finished a couple hours early. Sure you could milk the clock and relax for the rest of the afternoon, before walking it over to your superior’s office. But you shouldn’t. Take it to him immediately, emphasize that you finished up early, and ask what he needs done next. Even though your brain may be hurting and not willing to accept a new workload, your boss will be impressed with your eagerness to keep going.

1 Be a Team Player

Sometimes the way to impress the higher-ups is to make yourself known to the little people. Maybe Suzie is nowhere near making her portion of the quota for the month or William just doesn’t understand the new software program. Spend some time with your teammates who might be struggling and bring them up to your level — even if it means coming in early or working through your lunch break.

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