Top 5 Ways People Make Money on the Internet

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If you’ve ever given in to the temptation to click on a link promising big money, you probably confirmed that old adage about things that are too good to be true. However, not all Internet money-making opportunities are scams. If you’ve got some skills, there are legitimate ways to make a few bucks—or more—online.

5 Tutoring

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Some kids need homework help but not all parents have the time or patience for little Jimmy’s geometry. Be a virtual tutor for kids. Email your local school district with your contact information, or sign up with one of the online tutoring companies and offer coaching in your favorite subjects. Most companies don’t require a teaching degree, but may require an associate degree or higher. Use Web cameras, webinars and document-sharing programs to be a remote tutor.

4 Go Pro

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If you have a skill but can’t find a job, get a website, offer a service and take on clients from all over the country. Legal research is done just as easily in your PJs as it is when you’re dressed in a navy blue suit. Find companies that are downsizing and offer a free initial consultation. If you know social media, offer to keep up a company’s RSS feed because busy executives don’t have the time or desire to do so.

3 Flipping Out

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Flipping domain names is like flipping a house. If you’re willing to spend time searching old sites, you can make money. Find a forgotten website someone once bought but is no longer active. Track down the owner and buy the name. He unloads it to you, then you approach all the companies who deal in the same industry and offer the domain name for twice what you paid for it. No real estate license needed.

2 Freelance Services

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Before the Internet, freelance writers had to send out lots of proposals to flocks of magazine editors and wait six weeks for the rejection letters. Now, with the Internet, writers can get rejected much more quickly! But they can also get lucky sometimes and find a home for their writing. Find a few companies on the Internet that pay writers for articles on any number of topics, from animals to zinc oxide. If you’re an expert in your field, or are passionate about a subject, you can make a decent living if you’re willing to work hard, put up with temperamental editors and “kill your darlings.” You writers out there know all about that.

1 eBay and Etsy

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eBay is a bit like a really big garage sale. If you’ve got things around your house you don’t love anymore, take a few pictures, write up a snazzy description and slap a price on it. If you don’t have enough stuff to make serious money, search thrift and consignment shops for more. Etsy’s where crafters and fans of old treasures offer handmade and vintage items. If you can crochet toilet paper roll covers, design original jewelry or make macrame owls, you can make money on Etsy doing something you love. In time, you may even develop a following of devoted fans.

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