Top 5 Ways for New Dads to Relax

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Dads seem to be quite unsung in the introduction of a new baby into the family, which can be very unfair in many cases.Dads often put a lot of effort into the care and safety of a child, and it only seems right that they too get stressed and worn out.Often the diaper-changers, bottle feeders, stroller-walkers, and mommy supporters, dads often feel the burden of having the be the pillar when mommy gets over-stressed, has hormonal changes post-pregnancy as they get back into check, and of pretty much whatever mom wants at that point.Some cases are less dramatic than others, say if you have a nanny or family to help, but dads feel the emotional burden no matter what.Here’s a list of things for you dads to do to help relieve your stress.

5 Meditate

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You and your partner should be taking time during these delicate few months to rest and meditate.Meditation will help both of you to remain centered, focused, and able to handle challenged, rather than scatter-brained and anxious.Take 5 minutes a day at first if that’s all you have – just make sure to start today. There are plenty of excellent resources online to show you how to begin meditation, and plenty of guided meditations for those of you who need a little extra help.

4 Get creative in the kitchen

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Cooking is always a fun thing for men, especially if the kitchen hasn’t been taken over by frills and polka dots.If it has, insist to your partner that you need to make the kitchen unit so you feel comfortable being in there.Gone are the days when kitchens need to be pink and teal and cutesy.Making meals for your new mom of a partner will inspire connection and partnership in your lives, save money, and most likely be healthier.The internet is flooded with healthy recipes so be sure to bookmark the ones you like.

3 Write a book

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Utilize your writing skills by writing some memoirs – at this point it’ll be important at least for your own children to read when they’re older.You’ll be their hero, so make sure you incorporate what you learned from experiences, how you overcame difficulties, and how you wish to become better in the future, to help and teach them.If you’re not good at writing nonfiction, try your hand at fiction – write a novel, start a comic if you’re good at drawing, or simply start with short stories for fun.

2 Pursue a hobby

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Hobbies are great ways for you to utilize the self-care system.Rather than take bubble baths with face masks, you may find yourself drawn to generally more masculine past times like working on a car, motorcycle, boat, actually riding one of these, or even get closer to nature with the drive and go horse-riding, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, or hang-gliding for some alone time to reconnect with yourself for who you are.

1 Go for a bike ride/jog

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Exercise is an excellent way to de-stress, particularly for men.Men respond very well to cardio, strength training, yoga, martial arts – anything really, so get active and get those endorphins flowing to help balance your life at a particularly ‘nurturing’ time in your partnership. Men are great nurturers, but they also need some more active energy to balance that out, whereas women do better with the scales tipped tomore ‘nurturing’ energy.

All in all, it is very important for new moms and dads to remain rested, peaceful, and centered. It does mean self-care is important, and giving one another time to take care of themselves is very important and will help mom, dad and baby.

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