Top 5 Vet Tech Schools

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A vet tech is to a veterinarian what a nurse is to a doctor, performing tests and providing basic care to pets and other animals. Veterinary technicians normally compete a two-year college program, while veterinary technologists complete four years of education. So if you want to work with animals but don’t have the means, time or inclination to attend veterinary school, here are some places you could try.

5 Otterbein

Let’s be honest, what vet tech wouldn’t enjoy having a degree from a school with an animal in its name? Otterbein, a university in Westerville, Ohio, ranks among the second tier of vet tech schools according to Education Portal. But be warned, it actually offers a specialization in equine studies–and not aquatic mammals like otters.

4 Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is closer to Michigan State and Purdue than Murray State. That is, it is a large, nationally ranked school that happens to have a good vet tech program, rather than a school known for its vet tech studies. Nonetheless, the program is good enough to get students to move to Lincoln, Nebraska. Students often come with a two-year degree, Education Portal says, and then finish the last two years of a four-year program.

3 Murray State

Education Portal’s third-ranked school, Murray State University in Kentucky, is not as well-known as some of the other schools on the list, but that doesn’t mean a would-be vet tech can’t get a good education there. And if you pick Murray State, you can join a program specifically in veterinary technology. Leave the vague majors like animal science to the animal scientists and be a serious specialist.

2 Purdue

Purdue, like Michigan State, is a major national university that offers two- and four-year degrees for aspiring veterinary technicians and technologists. And like Michigan State, it is AVMA accredited, located in the Midwest and well-known for its sports teams. Education Portal ranks its vet tech program no. 2, citing the mix of clinical and lab work–as well as dental hygiene for those willing to look a gift horse in the mouth.

1 Michigan State

Michigan State may be well known for its Spartans sports teams, but Education Portal also ranks it as the best school for prospective vet techs. It offers every level of education a vet tech could want: certificate, associate degree and bachelor’s degree. Finally, it is one of the few schools with a four-year program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, an added bonus if you like having acronyms on your resume.

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