Top 5 U.S. Cities to Pick Up Friendly Hotties

Experiencing a cold front in your love life? Well, according to some data that we played match maker with, hot temperatures seem to have some correlation to hot bodies and warm personalities. By taking a list of the 10 most attractive cities, comparing it to a list of the 35 friendliest cities, weighing the two lists evenly and finding the average, we’ve compiled a list of hot spots in the continental U.S. with the sweetest singles. So plan a vacation or relocation to our five favorite flirtation destinations to alleviate your isolation.

5 Austin, TX

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#7 Friendliest
#7 Hottest

Looking for a heartthrob in the heart of Texas? Look no further than Austin, home to beautiful people and neighbor to several metropolises. With a growing population, a reputation for live music and a thriving university culture, Austin is the place to find someone quirky, smart and hot to take you to SXSW. Proving that the town’s just a little bit odd, it ranks 7th on both the hotness and friendliness lists, which makes it easy for us to keep Austin weird!

4 Savannah, GA

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#2 Friendliest
#8 Hottest

The Hostess City of the South seems to also be one of the hottest. Ranking second in friendliness and eighth in attractiveness, this shipping hub definitely imports the goods, if you catch our drift. Another city with a little Victorian charm and plenty of history, taking some city tours might be the best way to spot local hotties. Or you could try out the Savannah Music Festival, Georgia’s largest music festival, to find someone to rock with all night long.

3 Nashville, TN

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#1 Friendliest
#6 Hottest

If you’re looking for someone to sing your praises, the first stop on your hit parade should be Music City. The Middle Tennessee hub ranks first in hospitality, no doubt for consoling struggling musicians trying to make it big. Also ranking sixth in hotness, it would seem that Nashville has attracted some top-tier talent to boot. Whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, you can strut your honky-tonk with hot stuff in the Athens of the South

2 San Diego, CA

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#13 Friendliest
#2 Hottest

Though Southern California is renowned for its beaches (and associated babes), no California city ranks too high on the friendliness quotient. San Diego actually only ranks #13, but is saved by the fact that it ranks #2 in terms of super attractive people. And it’s not just the ladies who make the water hot, as the city is home to largest naval fleet in the world, comprised of most of our nation’s uniformed sailors. If you feel like a little action south of the boarder, San Diego is also Tijuana adjacent—perfect for blurry nights and crazy hookups.

1 Charleston,SC

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#3 Friendliest
#4 Hottest

Ranking number 3 in kindness and number 4 in sexiness, Charleston is a renowned destination for romantic getaways and Southern hospitality. Chucktown attracts military men and Southern belles aplenty with its Coast Guard history, tropical climate and active artistic community. With Colonial, Revolutionary, Antebellum and Modern sights to see, you can dig local and national history while you scope out the “scenery.” And here’re some additional words of advice while looking for love in the Holy City: even though there’s a Coast Guard base, be careful who you call a coxswain.

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