Top 5 Unusual Celebrity Collections

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Celebs are an eclectic bunch when it comes to their personal collections. Nothing’s sacred. Some collect bugs, lighters, dolls and dead animals the way Jay Leno collects expensive cars. But no one takes the cake like Nicolas Cage’s infamous spending on bizarro shrunken heads, dinosaur skulls and king cobras—except maybe Claudia Schiffer’s uber-fascination with all things creepy crawly.

5 Johnny Depp’s Dolls

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Johnny Depp’s doll collection might well be the stuff little girls dream of while older girls dream of him. But then again, would she want a Lindsay Lohan doll complete with electronic ankle bracelet? Depp does. He has celebrity dolls from Beyonce to Donny Osmond, limited edition Barbies and figurines. He reportedly accessorizes them to reflect what they are up to in the news. Interesting pirate stash there, Johnny.

4 Claudia Schiffer’s Gone Buggy

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This gal doesn’t shy away from spiders or bugs of any sort. German model-turned-clothing-designer Claudia Schiffer loves the dark side of nature, preferring predators eating their prey to cutesy foxes sunning themselves on rocks. So much, in fact, that creepy crawlies like spiders are now an integral part of her clothing designs. Even the walls of her London and Suffolk homes are filled with mounted insects and paintings. Schiffer may well be an entomologist‘s pin-up girl.

3 Jack White’s Gamey Hobby

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He’s never hunted an animal. In fact, singer Jack White loves them – especially on the walls of the Tennessee home he shares with his wife and kids. “I love the majesty of taxidermy,” he said on the History Channel’s “American Pickers.” He bought an elephant head on that episode, bartering his jukebox and photo booth to lower the $12,500 sticker price. His collection, much to the chagrin of wife, folk singer/model Karen Elson, keeps growing. Wonder how the kids feel bringing friends to the menagerie?

2 Victor Alfieri Zips It Up

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Hey, bud, need a light? You’ll never want for one in Victor Alfieri’s homes. The actor’s passion for lighters goes way back to his childhood in Rome when he became fascinated with his uncle’s gold-plated lighter tucked away in a drawer. Eventually it became his and he began to collect lighters through his travels. He especially loves American-made, military-themed Zippos since they represent American strength. Today he has amassed around 230 Zippos in his collection.

1 Nicolas Cage Turns Heads

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Actor Nicolas Cage’s well-documented passion for spending includes millions on human shrunken heads, dinosaur skulls, rare comics, a pet octopus, venomous king cobras, islands in the sun and European castles. Cage infamously butted heads with Leonardo DiCaprio over a Tarbosaurus dinosaur skull. Cage won the bidding war, but you’ve got to wonder if he has plans to shrink it down and add it to his shrunken head collection. Speaking of shrink…seriously wondering whether someone who buys human remains is in serious need.

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