Top 5 Ugliest Dog Breeds

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Dogs are the most loyal companions you’ll ever have. Even the toughest heart isn’t immune to their fuzzy, slobbery charm. Sadly, not all dog breeds can get by on looks alone. There are some downright ugly breeds out there. In fact, there’s even an annual competition that judges the ugliest dogs in the world. Two of the world’s top five ugliest dog breeds often take top honors in this unflattering contest.

5 Boston Terrier

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Bulging eyes and oddly shaped, disproportionate heads make Boston terriers, an American dog breed that originated in Boston, so ugly you almost pity them. Boston terriers are a cross between an English bulldog and a white English terrier. Just stop and think about the two of those separately for a minute, then smoosh them together. Their erect, giant ears make you think of batman and they have very short hairs on their muscular, compact bodies. While Boston terriers are an ugly dog, they’re also unbelievably smart and easy to train. That intelligence probably comes from this breed’s stubborn refusal to leave anything alone until they’ve figured it out.

4 Bulldog

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The bulldog has a face only its mother could love. It looks grumpy and miserable, but it’s one of the most popular breeds for families. The bulldog isn’t known for jumping or racing around foolishly. It’s more of a loose-jointed, shuffling beast, with a dignified personality that is almost comical given its ugliness. If you can get past the strange sounds coming from the bulldog’s wrinkled face, it makes an excellent family pet because it tends to bond strongly to children.

3 Pug

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The name pug makes you think of cuteness, but if you really look at a pug dog, cute is not exactly the first adjective that springs to mind. Pugs are noted for their happy disposition, but the big head—which is disproportionate to their tiny body—as well as their bulging eyes, wrinkly face, and upturned nose combine to make a whole lot of ugliness. The poor animal’s nostrils point toward the sky. How do these dogs not drown in the rain? It’s a good thing that the pug is so charming, gregarious and playful that dog lovers are willing to forget just how ugly this breed is.

2 Mexican Hairless

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The Mexican hairless is the hairless variety of the Xoloitzcuintli or xolo breed. It looks a lot like a science experiment gone awry but xolos are an ancient and rare dog breed from Mexico that was quite popular in ancient times, due to the belief that this breed could ward off evil spirits and intruders. The hairless variety has tough, smooth skin with sparse patches of spiky hair typically around the head and ears, but they’re a great family dog if you can convince the kids to play with them. Good luck with that.

1 Chinese Crested

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The Chinese crested tops the list of ugliest dog breeds in the world. These unpleasant-looking creatures come in two varieties: hairless and powderpuff, but don’t let the name “powderpuff” fool you. They’re both ugly. The hairless Chinese crested, though, takes the cake. Their patches of silky, limp hair that adorn their heads, feet and tails only emphasize the unnatural-looking baldness of their bodies. Strangely you’ll find both types in a single litter. While they look nasty and unapproachable, Chinese crested dogs actually crave human companionship and are playful and gentle.

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