Top 5 Types of Girls Not to Date

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In general, generalizations are best avoided. When you use sweeping statements or broad categories to describe something, you run the risk of missing the many finer, more subtle points that actually define it. This is never truer than when considering human beings. However, while no person can be fairly characterized by a single specific category, such as definition solely ascribed to race, nationality and so forth, there are plenty of people who express enough tendencies to be thought of as a “type.” And if you meet any of the types of girls listed here, we recommend you skip buying them a drink. If it’s too late for that, certainly don’t buy them a ring!

5 The Clingy Type

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You know this type of girl: within a few dates she is calling or texting all the time and she begins to presume she is to be included in all aspects of your life. An overly clingy person is often what the psychologist Carl Jung would have called an “unactualized” human being. That is to say, one who has failed to fully develop his or her own sense of self, thus lacks confidence, original opinions and independence. Another way to put it is that clingy people can be pretty damned annoying and are usually a one way street, taking much of your time and energy while adding little to the relationship.

4 Party Girls

Don’t get us wrong—it’s great fun to go out with friends and hit the bars from time to time. Stay out late and blaze through round after round of drinks, enjoy yourself! But make sure the operative there is “from time to time.” Too many people embrace the so-called “party” lifestyle as a thin veneer for what is actually the substance abuse lifestyle. Anyone who spends more than a night or two a week downing shots (or drugs: these are also included in that whole “substance abuse thing,” by the way) until the wee hours is not actually into the partying so much as they are the blacking out.

3 The Young and/or Immature

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Dating a younger girl might seem like an exciting, invigorating experience, but in fact there good reasons most couples are of approximately the same age. The human brain does not finish development until near the age of 30, so the difference in maturity levels between people only a few years apart in age can be vast until that milestone. That means what each “partner” wants out of the relationship is likely to be at odds. Those that are your equal in age but not in maturity level may also be looking for different things, i.e. you are headed for heartache. And for the record, this goes both ways: a younger girl may be looking for a lasting relationship just the same as she would seek a fling—it doesn’t matter where the disconnect lies, just that there is one.

2 Liars

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This might seem rather obvious, but you should avoid dishonest people, especially in the dating game. If a girl you are dating seems to regularly bend the truth, even about frivolous things, it points to a pattern of pathology that will only grow worse over time: the more someone becomes sewn into the fabric of your life, the more their dishonesty will impact you. Even little white lies, if frequent enough, will eventually ruin the chance for genuine intimacy between two human beings. Also, don’t date thieves: they will rob you.

1 The Stupid Type

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Don’t date stupid people. Just don’t do it. The only good that can come of a relationship with a patently unintelligent person is ephemeral at best; it is always worth it to wait until you find someone to whom you are attracted both physically and cerebrally. Even a fun little fling will be more fun if you can at least have a conversation between all the… hugging. Note that if you often struggle to determine who qualifies as a less-than-intelligent individual, quit worrying! This point is being handled for you.

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