Top 5 Tips to Going Viral on Google+

Some bloggers like to portray Google’s social efforts as a ghost town, but the reality is that couldn’t be farther from the truth. On many occasions, I’ll share a piece of content across platforms only to wake up to 5-10 Twitter retweets, 20-30 Faceboook likes, and a staggering 300 +1s, 500 shares, and 180 comments on Google+. The answer to going viral on Google+ is the same thing I would have told you when Twitter was getting started. Follow the right folks, engage and leverage the platform as it was intended and you’ll see results. Here are five easy-to-follow tactics.

5 If you build it, they will come

Provide value. Don’t ask for shares or +1s, don’t circle people in the hopes that they will circle back and increase your numbers. Just provide visually appealing, well-formatted, relevant content and your network will build itself. Will it happen overnight? Absolutely not. But I’ve learned it will happen faster on Google+ than any other network. I have been tweeting consistently for more than five years and now have close to 25k followers. I have been on Google+ for less than two years and already surpassed 35k ‘circlers.’ Circlers? Google has to find a better word for that.

4 The name of the game is consistency

Like most social marketing, posting once a month won’t get you far. Share content regularly and follow these guiding points, you’ll be surprised at how many folks circle you up and come back for more. Which leads me to the next point …

3 Remember who you’re talking to

Know the audience. I am not going to tell you to trash Apple in every post but remember that there is a good chance your readers on Google+ are huge fans of a certain search company and less keen on the Cupertino tech giant. But that’s our little secret.

2 Format, format, then format some more

One thing Google+ has over Twitter and Facebook is the ability to format your text. Bold, italics, etc. Use it. And here is a little secret, bold text catches the eye better than regular text. So when writing a title for your Google+ post, place an asterisk before and after the text, then refer back to tip No. 1 and add a beautiful graphic.

1 Text? Text is so 2012!

We have all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” but did we ever realize that would become a social media strategy? On Twitter, you are limited to words. Yes, you can link to a picture and yes, Twitter might even display it inline unless it is hosted off Twitter. (Ahem, Instagram.) But, that requires an extra click that, if you work anywhere near the Internet, you know that’s not an easy thing.On Google+, the pictures appear in the stream and they are the center of it all. Text should be used to accompany the graphic, not the other way around. Anything you share on Google+ should include a large inviting photo that is sure to engage at rate that Twitter can only dream of.

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