top 5 tips for meeting singles on social networks

For people too shy to say, “Hi!” in person, it seems that the meek shall inherit the web. According to a recent study by Tagged, an overwhelming majority of people (95.8%, if you want to get technical) use social networking sites when they want to meet people online—beating out chat rooms, Twitter and email by a mile. So, how do you get to know the people you want to meet? Try some of our social networking shortcuts to locate lovely lads and lasses in your locale.

5 Have Fun Finding Someone

Flirting and dating is not as serious an experience as some people tend to think. On the contrary: meeting new people can be fun, invigorating and even teach you new things about yourself or the world around you. (Unless you’re looking for people as tepidly manila as our friend Curtis from before.) The fact is that people as fun and interesting as you can also be just as eager to meet as you are—so why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose but some time spent stalking your exes.

4 Say What You Feel

Sometimes, an even more direct approach can preempt being put in the friend zone (which no one enjoys). Especially if it’s someone you met in real life and added on a social network, a simple “Hey, I really had fun meeting you the other night. Want to go out sometime?” could be surprisingly effective. You state your intentions with zero ambiguity, and dating often rewards confidence.

3 Flirt : Good — Stalk : BAD

Most people who flirt through online social networking sites say that they view flirtation as innocent and/or fun. A big indicator of this can be frequent commenting, liking and sharing of someone’s posts and updates—especially if the other person responds in kind. But, just like in real life flirtation, people can inadvertently come on way too strong. And, at a certain point, you need to realize that liking someone’s post about DiGiorno Pizza isn’t going to bring you any closer together. With internet avatars, it almost becomes the online equivalent of peeking through someone’s window.

2 The Definite Don’ts of Descriptions

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Sample profile:

Hi, I’m Curtis. I like hanging out and kicking back with friends. I’m pretty down for anything. I’m into music and having fun.

So far, the most unique thing about this guy is that his name is Curtis. And, for most people, that just won’t cut it. Just imagine someone else browsing through profiles trying to find a potential match, breezing through ten or even twenty people in a half hour during his or her lunch break. The first litmus test you’ll need to pass (after the initial eye examination) is whether you seem interesting at all. Unfortunately, Curtis is just too generic to inspire anything other than a “mehhhh” from potential matches. DON’T BE LIKE CURTIS.

1 Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

What’s the first step to getting noticed/getting people to respond affectionately? Because people want to know who they’re talking to (and your face hopefully doesn’t resemble that light blue, silhouetted default image), the easiest way to improve your success is to have a good profile picture. When you pick your pic, you’ll probably do best with professional headshots or candid images with friends… Many users will find “selfies” to be ego-centric and modeling stills too misleading.

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