Top 5 Things You Need in Your Car for a Road Trip

Road trips are quintessentially American. According to AAA,  35 percent of families planned a trip of further than 50 miles from home in 2017. Theme parks and national parks are the most popular destinations among families who take road trips.

And while getting out on the open road can provide lots of fun for everyone in your family, you should prepare in advance for the journey. Our list of essentials will ensure your road trip is fun, safe and memorable.

1. Snack Organizer

Keep everyone’s food and drinks organized and within easy reach using a snack organizer. Large coolers and bags take up valuable space in your vehicle. Instead, look for a snack organizer that will keep food and beverages hot or cold while keeping them in an easily accessible, central location.

2. Emergency Road Kit

You never can tell when an emergency will occur on the road. Being prepared for the unexpected will be to your advantage if the unforeseen should happen. An emergency roadside kit with flares, a self-powered flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit and other essentials will help you weather anything. From flat tires and dead batteries to paper cuts and minor scrapes, you’ll be ready to withstand any mishap.

3. Entertainment Options

Keeping track of license plates and looking at varied landscapes can be an interesting way to pass the time in the car. It can also get boring after a few hours, especially for kids. Make certain you’ve got plenty of ways to stay entertained. Travel-sized games, books and art kits are great, but you’ll also want a way to engage your children for longer periods of time. Tablets and phones are good options but watching TV shows and movies on these devices will quickly deplete your plan’s data. Instead, an inexpensive portable DVD player will keep the kids entertained and happy. For convenience, be sure to get one with a rechargeable battery.

4. Chargers

You’ll use your portable electronic devices more often during road trips. Make sure you have a way to keep all the devices charged and working. A multi-port power adapter allows you to charge various devices at the same time. Look for one with USB ports, an AC adapter as well as a DC 12-volt outlet. You’ll keep everything working so no one has to wait until a device has finished charging to charge another device.

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are fashionable, but they’re also important for your safety while driving. Glare from the sun can make your eyes get tired  quickly and may even cause a headache if you find yourself squinting a lot. Polarized sunglasses block reflected light, thus reducing glare. Since sunglasses are easily lost during fun family activities, it’s wise to keep a backup pair stowed in your vehicle.

Road trips offer a great way to spend time with your family. You get to see different parts of the country while spending quality time together. Just make certain you’re prepared for emergencies and that you have plenty of ways to stay entertained and safe while out on the open road.

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