Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Madonna

Madonna is an American singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman. She achieved major popularity in mainstream music, especially with her legendary music videos. Madonna is one of the most influential and controversial artists of all time.

While Madonna may seem like some sort of superhuman—pointy breasts and all—she actually struggled to make her way to stardom. She wasn’t born into money or fame; she had to earn it. These top ten facts will be Madonna news to you and are sure to help feed your Madonna obsession and give you a little insight into her rise to the top.

10.) She’s Claustrophobic


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It might surprise you to discover that one of the most famous people in the world has a crippling fear of confined spaces. Madonna has claimed that she often suffers from panic attacks and feels claustrophobic when performing on stage. The musician said that although there are times she feels “invincible” in front of audiences, there are other occasions where she has felt like she “might just die.”

She told Dazed and Confused that, “when you have panic attacks you cannot rationalize them. Obviously there’s enough oxygen for me but it never happens outdoors, its normally in indoor sports arenas that feel very close when suddenly I feel claustrophobic. It’s not a fear of performing.”