Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is truly a household name. Odds are, even your grandmother knows who he is. He’s known for his boy band—’NSync—his successful solo career, many movie cameos, commercials and investments; the list is endless. Even though he’s in your face all the time, you’re probably unfamiliar with these five traits.

5 His Mom Named His Band

You probably already know that Justin is best friends with his mum. What you might not know is that she actually came up with the name ‘NSync. While it’s actually an ideal name for a group of guys who sing, well, “in sync,” that has nothing to do with how she came up with the name. All she did was put together the last letter from each guy’s first name. With Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and JC, she came up with the creative name ‘NSync. How appropriate.

4 McDonald’s Owes Him One

Ever wandered around with that catchy tune in your head from the McDonald’s commercial? You know the one: “Ba da da da da, I’m lovin’ it!” That McDonald’s theme song was really inspired by JT’s 2003 song entitled “I’m Lovin’ It.” Now you don’t have to feel like you’re running around singing an annoying fast-food restaurant’s jingle—it’s really a Justin Timberlake song.

3 He Was Elton John

Well, he impersonated Elton John, that is. In the midst of the ‘NSync peak, Justin booked a gig in an Elton John music video. He actually played a younger version of Elton in the “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore” video. Justin is shown lip-syncing the lyrics to the song while walking from his dressing room up to center stage. However, you may not even recognize him in the black and silver striped suit, sideburns and big pink sunglasses. Not a bad gig for an up-and-coming boy band member though.

2 He Has ‘NSync Tattoos

In case Justin ever forgets what made him such a household name, he’s got the ink to remember it. Two of his six tattoos are ‘NSync themed. The one around his wrist is the old ‘NSync logo of a band of flames. However, Mr. Timberlake went a step further and added a red rope underneath the flames to symbolize the celebrity status that he and his band mates achieved. The other ‘NSync tattoo is another flame band with a marionette in the middle—this was from the time the “No Strings Attached” album came out in early 2000. It is also wreathed with a red rope—in case he stops remembering that he’s a celebrity.

1 His Leftovers are Worth Something

Hate paying high prices at the coffee shop? Try buying some of Justin’s breakfast leftovers. In 2000, a 19-year-old super ‘NSync fan reportedly paid over $1,000 dollars for two slices of French toast that were barely nibbled by the infamous JT. That’s a big price tag for food she wasn’t even planning to eat. She just wanted to freeze-dry his breakfast and keep it on her dresser as a souvenir.

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