Top 5 Things Women Worry About on a First Date

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Excitement and anticipation fill the room when a woman prepares for her first date with that special guy. She wants to work out every detail to ensure it’s a perfect date, but there nagging fears that eat away at her self confidence.

5 The First Kiss

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If she really likes the guy, she may worry about that first kiss. Should she let him kiss her on the first date or wait until the next one? Should she wrap her arms around him or just lean in for the kiss? Should she kiss him first? Should it be a long kiss or short and sweet? She won’t want to seem over anxious, but then she won’t want to push him away, either. She’ll definitely worry about this one.

4 How Much Does She Tell About Herself?

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He’s going to ask her questions and she wants him to know about her, but she worries about how much to tell him, and how much is too much. Should she tell him about her drunken uncle or that she’s anemic or that her mother wears size 10 shoes? Will saying too much put him off so that he never calls again, or will saying too little give him the impression that she doesn’t want him to really know her? She’ll follow his lead and answer his questions, but she’ll worry about how much to tell him.

3 She’ll Make a Mess While Eating

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When your adrenalin is pumping, the harder you try to stay in control, the more likely you are to mess up during a meal. The woman worries that she’ll knock over her wine glass or dribble marinara sauce down the front of the blouse she so carefully picked out. No matter how carefully she eats, she’ll worry constantly that she’ll end up wearing some part of her meal.

2 She’ll Say Something Stupid

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When some women get nervous, they will say silly things that they regret afterward, so she worries about saying something out of line and giving the guy the wrong impression. Whether it’s blurting out an opinion that she didn’t really mean, making a joke that isn’t called for, or judging someone she doesn’t like, she worries that something will just slip out of her mouth and make her look foolish.

1 She Won’t Have Anything in Common With Him

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She worries that as they begin to talk and she doesn’t have anything in common with him, that the date will be over quickly. If his interests are all about sports and she hates sports, she’ll worry that he’ll be turned off by her lack of interest. Or if she’s into classical music and art and he isn’t, she’ll worry that they have nothing in common and the date will turn out to be a disaster.

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