The Tallest Athletes of All Time

Although extremely tall people are often plagued with medical problems, such as heart disease and weakness in the arms and legs, there are certain sports — such as basketball and volleyball — where the tall athletes have an edge over shorter players. Categorically, it’s hard to determine the tallest athletes of all time, because a lot depends on your definition of an athlete and whose measurements you trust when determining an athlete’s actual height. But here we go anyway!

Have a look at these top 50 tallest athletes:


50.) Blanka Vlašić


Height: 6’3”

Blanka Vlašić is a Croatian athlete who specializes in the high jump. She is the Croatian record holder in the event, and the former indoor World Champion. She won the World Junior Championships in Athletics in both 2000 and 2002. Vlašić broke her national record in 2004 and also won her first world senior medal at the World Indoor Championships that year.