Top 5 Sunniest Cities

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Sun worshipers in the Pacific time zone, rejoice! Florida may be the Sunshine State, but when it comes to actual sunny days, the West is by far the best. In fact, the Weather Channel says the five sunniest cities in the United States are scattered across Arizona, California, Nevada and western Texas. Each of the top five sees the sun more than three-quarters of the year, so if you can’t take the rain and snow, these are the places you may want to live.

5 Reno, Nevada

Reno rounds out the Weather Channel’s top five, with 79 percent of its days considered sunny. Ironic, then, that the “biggest little city in the world” spends so much time in the shadow of its more famous Nevada neighbor, Las Vegas. Not only does Vegas have the world-famous Strip, it even outstrips Reno when it comes to sunshine.

4 El Paso, Texas

Texas is a big state, so El Paso fits the far West theme of the Weather Channel’s sunny cities. It sits at the very western portion of the state, where Mexico and New Mexico meet up with Texas, not far from Arizona and Nevada. The city’s name means “the passage,” and it may as well refer to the passage of the sun overhead, since the city is sunny 84 percent of the year.

3 Las Vegas, Nevada

Start the jokes about gambling on sunshine, since Las Vegas rakes in an 85 percent rating when it comes to sunny days, according to the Weather Channel. So if a card sharp is hoping the sun is shining on his endeavors, it’s a safe bet on any given day. And, of course, the odds are that what seems like rain is just the tears from unlucky slot machine players.

2 Redding, California

The north-central California city of Redding is, appropriately enough, the home of the Sundial Bridge. Anyone worried about the landmark’s accuracy can rest easy, though. Redding sees the sun 88 percent of the year, according to the Weather Channel, good for second place on the list.

1 Yuma, Arizona

If you are afraid of vampires, or just can’t stand the “Twilight” saga, try Arizona, which has four of the 10 sunniest cities in the nation, according to the Weather Channel. Yuma tops the list, seeing the sun a bright and shiny nine out of 10 days. Meanwhile, Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff also makes the top 10. So if there’s a true Sunshine State in the nation, it’s the one officially called the Grand Canyon State.

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