Top 5 Summer Vacation Cocktails

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Summer, vacation and cocktails: Three things that truly go hand in hand. All year long you look forward to those few blissful days of summer when you don’t have to worry about anything—except for making sure you reserve your spot on the beach and knowing your bartender’s name. While anything cold and full of booze will surely make you melt right into your beach chair, these top cocktails are at the top of the list of summer vacay must-haves.

5 Cherry Manhattan

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By the end of the night, you might just want to chill on an outdoor patio and sip on a classy summer cocktail. Order yourself a cherry Manhattan to wind down your day. Served up in a martini glass, this beverage is a mixture of bourbon, cherry juice, bitters and sweet vermouth. Some bars may even offer cherry- flavored bourbon to further tickle your taste buds. Plus, you’ll even get a maraschino cherry garnish. Let it soak up the alcohol while you sip. At the end of your beverage, you’ll have a sweet adult-friendly treat to nibble on.

4 Summer Breeze

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This cocktail is so summery, it even says it in the name. What’s more relaxing than drinking a beverage that’s called a summer breeze while sitting in, well, a summer breeze? After pouring a shot of vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice into the shaker with a scoopful of ice, your bartender will shake up this masterful blend of flavors. For an added kick, ask for flavored vodka. Orange or cranberry flavors, if available, can make your cocktail explode with even more fruity goodness.

3 Daiquiri

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Your vacation isn’t complete until you sit and watch the sunset with a daiquiri in your hand. This frozen blend of rum-filled sweet deliciousness typically comes in a strawberry flavor. But your barkeep may have other flavors he can make for you. Just make sure you get that strawberry and orange slice garnish, though. You want to make sure you get a helping of fruit to make your seem guilt-free, right?

2 Margarita

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Nothing says summer like a margarita. Frozen or on the rocks, rimmed with salt or sugar, this chilling beverage is guaranteed to truly make you feel like you’re on vacation. It’s traditionally made with fresh lime juice, orange liqueur and, of course, tequila, but many bars have their own takes on the classic drink. Ask your bartender about his specialty margarita. He can surely whip up a peach, mango, strawberry or other exotic blend of margarita to help you leave your worries behind.

1 Mojito

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With just a perfect balance of lime and minty freshness, the mojito is an ideal summer adult beverage. After muddling together cane sugar, raw mint leaves and freshly squeezed lime juice, your bartender covers the mixture with a couple ounces of vodka and stirs everything together with ice. Ask him to garnish your cocktail with cucumber slices. You’ll get even more of a refreshing kick and a serving of (alcohol-soaked) veggies to start your day off right.

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