Top 5 Sugar Cereals of All Time

Sugar cereals are in many ways the perfect food. They have calcium, vitamins, a taste that people of all ages and cultures love, they only takes seconds to prepare, and of course, they come in boxes that have built-in entertainment on the back. As a cereal connoisseur, I’ve written the definitive list of the all time best sugar cereals. One note, if its name includes the words oat or bran, it is not eligible for the sugar cereal list, no matter how sweet it is.

5 Golden Crisp

This was a tough one. Honey Smacks are so similar in taste to Golden Crisp that an argument could be made to have them both in the fifth spot. But Golden Crisp is actually three years older than Honey Smacks (introduced in 1949), and Sugar Bear is much more of a celerity than that frog, so it’s not really fair to call it a tie.

4 Frosted Flakes

No, they’re not great. They’re awesome! Not just that, once you finish the cereal in a bowl of Frosted Flakes, you’re left with a bowl full of sugary, milky goodness.

3 Reese’s Puffs

A relative newcomer, this cereal incorporates two of the most popular tastes in America. This is the kind of cereal you can serve as a snack at a party without being judged.

2 Cap’N Crunch

The Captain gets it done. This cereal is hard and jagged, so it might scratch up the inside of your mouth, but I dare you to eat it and not go for a second helping.

1 Golden Grahams

Simply the best. Golden Grahams tops the list with its unforgettable honey taste. Few sugar cereals have achieved such popularity among children without having to use a mascot.

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