Top 5 Strangest Hobbies in the World

For the fortunate among you who have enough extra time to enjoy a hobby, good for you. And while some hobbyists still collect stamps or coins or build models, hobbyists in the post-Internet age seem to enjoy one-upping each other by becoming involved in stuff weird enough that only other like-minded enthusiasts would appreciate. Here’s a peek into some of the strangest.

5 Egg Shell Carving

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People who carve egg shells probably couldn’t get enough fun from dyeing Easter eggs and came up with ways to spend more quality time working with this incredibly fragile medium. They use an egg blower to rid the insides of the egg and then draw a design on the shell. A rotary tool, such as a Dremel, can carve out the design. Be warned: if you are the impatient type who is easily frustrated, you’d probably enjoy poking a needle in your eye more than you would carving egg shells.

4 Dressing as a Furry

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Maybe they enjoyed dressing as cats for Halloween or were always fascinated by animal mascots more than the football games. Whatever the reason, some people have made a hobby of dressing in animal suits. They call themselves furries, and when they wear their outfits, they become the characters. Furries meet each other over the Internet and attend furry conventions. Some start believing they really are squirrels, wolves or whatever animal they portray, and adopt the mannerisms, even (or especially) when in public. Furries will touch, scratch and groom each other, all the while believing they really are those animals.

3 Collecting Navel Lint

Graham’s Paddock

How bored do you have to be to want to stare at your navel, and painstakingly collect and save the lint? Thankfully, most people will never be that bored, but an Australian librarian, Graham Barker, has been doing just that for 26 years and won the Guinness World Record for his revolting feat. Apparently, others are engaged in this gross hobby because Barker sent out a survey and received some responses—all of which were men—who confessed to enjoy partaking in collecting navel lint, too.

2 Playing Dead

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Some people think it’s funny to prank strangers; think TV shows “Candid Camera” and “Punk’d.” The pranks on TV are often funny, but even then, the pranks sometimes bomb. The only people who get a kick from playing dead, however, are the ones who are doing it. It just makes everyone else mad. Tourists who enjoy this game like to pretend they had a terrible accident while sightseeing—maybe they tripped and fell on a rocky path or had a heart attack at Disneyland. They lie still and try not to breathe. The crowds who discover the “dead” bodies are naturally alarmed, but when they discover they were played, they might wish to really put the perpetrators out of commission, at least for a while.

1 Extreme Dog Grooming

China Foto Press

You know how you get creeped out by those pageant moms who spackle and spray tan their 5-year-old girls? Well, some dog owners know no limits to the humiliation they subject their dogs to when they enter the extreme dog-grooming arena. Participants in this hobby spend their waking hours transforming their already beautiful dogs, usually standard poodles, into buffaloes, lions, football players, butterflies and flowerpots. To do this, the owners must dye their dogs’ fur. Sadly, these dyes sometimes contain chemicals that can burn or irritate the skin, but some vegetable-based dyes are approved for use on dogs. Let’s at least hope these groomers use them.

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