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Top 5 Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ideas (DIY)

The Netflix original Stranger Things took the world by storm when it debuted last summer. With the perfect combination of science fiction, 1980s nostalgia, and nerdy kids, it is no surprise that Stranger Things became an instant fan favorite. The second season of Stranger Things will drop on Halloween. So, it makes perfect sense to dress up as your favorite character. Whether you are having a watch party or going trick or treating with a group of friends, you’ll ‘win’ Halloween with these Stranger Things Halloween costume ideas.

#1 Eleven Halloween Costume

No character on Stranger Things is more recognizable than Eleven. It’s easy to get her look. Start with a pink dress with a Peter Pan collar similar to this dress on Amazon. Dirty the dress up a bit with some brown powdered eyeshadow. Eleven always wears a bomber jacket like this one over the dress. If you have blonde hair or a buzz cut, you are ready to go. If not, then throw on a blonde wig. Pair yellow and gold striped tube socks with white high top Converse. For more authenticity, take red makeup and draw some blood coming out of your nose. Also, carry around an Eggo box.

#2 Barb Halloween Costume

Fans of the show love Barb. She is everyone’s favorite sidekick. To get her look, find an 80s high-neck blouse. You can probably score one of these at a thrift shop or from a Halloween store. Try to score a pair of jeans from your mom. If you and mom don’t wear the same size, these mom jeans are a pretty close look. Barb is a bookworm, so she has to have her large retro glasses. We found a pretty authentic-looking pair. You might carry around a couple of textbooks for good measure. For shoes, choose an ankle boot, preferably combat-style. If it’s chilly on Halloween, you can throw on a blue puffer jacket to finish the look. And if you don’t have a natural Barb hair-do, we have you covered with a Barb wig.

#3 Chief Hopper Halloween Costume

Jim Hopper is portrayed as the Chief of Police with a haunted past from the small town of Hawkins, Indiana where the show is set. Before dressing up as Hopper, you’ll want to practice his less-than-pleasant attitude and snarky wit.  Hopper always wears a khaki police uniform. You can find a brown police shirt and khaki pants from Amazon. The khaki pants are an excellent wardrobe staple that you can wear after Halloween is over. To round out the look, find a western sheriff hat and badge. Grab a flashlight, and you are ready to catch the bad aliens.

#4 Mike Halloween Costume

Mike is the leader of the pack in Stranger Things. His look is pretty easy to nail. One of the most important aspects to Mike’s look is his 1980’s bowl cut. If you don’t want to go that drastic, then pick out a suitable wig. Find a rugby shirt with horizontal stripes. Pair the shirt with plain gray pants. Add a khaki jacket and Puma sneakers. For the finished look, try to find a classic 1980s JanSport backpack.

#5 Dustin Halloween Costume

Dustin is also one of the favorite characters on Stranger Things. He is the one that holds the group together when they are quarreling. He is also one of the funniest and smartest characters on the show. So, how do you get this look? Start with the hair. If you have curly hair, you won’t need to do much to it. However, if not, then you’ll probably want to get a wig. After the hair, you’ll need to pick up a red, white and blue baseball cap. Since Dustin is toothless, you’ll need to cover up your teeth with these Geezer Gums. Amazon sells the Waupaca Wisconsin t-shirt that Dustin wears in the show. Throw on a dark denim jacket and khaki pants or jeans, and you’ll be good to go.

Which Stranger Things character are you most looking forward to dressing up as for the Season 2 launch? Please share your Stranger Things Halloween costume designs with us on Instagram and Facebook as well!

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