Craving a Bone-In Filet Mignon? These Are The Best Steak Houses in Los Angeles

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Nothing beats a great steak. Hell, few things beat an average steak. There’s something so satisfying about eating one of God’s creatures, isn’t there? A great steak goes along with woodworking, hunting, growing a moustache, and everything else manly in this world. Naturally, we needed to assemble a list of the top five best steakhouses in Los Angeles so you can use it to finally become a man.

5 Morton’s

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Morton’s in the granddaddy of them all, really. Wine cabinet when you walk in, friendly and knowledgeable staff, waiters in tuxedos, and some of the best steak in the country. Everywhere you go people have heard of Morton’s and with good reason. They are there to make you happy, comfortable, and full. They exceed expectation in every facet of this. It starts with the appetizers. Bacon wrapped scallops, huge crab cakes, shrimp cocktails, and the list goes on from there. Every cut of meat in this place is perfect as well, and definitely sizeable! You will not leave hungry.

4 Cut

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Have you noticed that steakhouses have very short names? I suppose it makes sense because you want people to remember it. Calling your place “Earl’s Big House of Sliced and Diced Cow” would probably get you a very different reputation than the fourth entry on the list, Cut. Cut is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant that serves steaks from around the world. Want to eat beef from every corner of the globe? Go to Cut. They serve it all up with perfection and precision. This place has so much meat in it that the salads have beef. No lie, they serve beef salad. There’s a 34oz. Porterhouse designed to serve two people that is incredible and steaks aged 35 days that will complete your life. If by some miracle you have room for dessert, get the banana cream pie.

3 Lawry’s

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Yes, this is the Lawry’s who made the seasoned salt currently sitting in your cupboard that you put on everything. That being said, you should already know you can’t go wrong by choosing to dine here. Technically, Lawry’s prides itself (and is famous for) its prime rib. There’s a very good reason for this, and that is that the prime rib is very good. This place is absolutely old school and that’s a huge part of why it has been so successful and well-loved. Beef, sides, cocktails, booths, dim lighting – this place has it all. If you don’t like those things, you’ll want to stay away. This is the kind of place your grandfather enjoyed and, hopefully, still does. Be sure and order the creamed corn. It’s worth it.

2 Ruth’s Chris

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Do you like butter? Do you like butter on everything? You do? Great! That means Ruth’s Chris is the steakhouse for you. It’s a five star steakhouse that disguises itself as a three-and-a-half star steakhouse due to the fact that they are very accommodating and, in a way, humble about what it is they do. Let’s put it this way: if Ruth’s Chris was a city, it wouldn’t be San Francisco (see “humble”). Back to the butter, they glaze their steaks in it so the meat is served sizzling and almost creamy. The sides could use a bit of work but they are delicious. They’re almost an afterthought, which is a good thing, because a steakhouse should be all about the steaks and not the au gratin potatoes (which are very good, mind you). If they still have some, get the cornbread pudding as well.

1 Boa

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Boa serves up steaks down in Santa Monica near the mighty Pacific Ocean, so surf and turf is definitely on the menu here. There are two menus to choose from, depending on the time of day you decide to swing by. Lunch menu, dinner menu, you get the idea. One of the highlights from the lunch menu isn’t traditional steak house faire. It’s a Kobe beef corn dog served with homemade potato chips. This thing is amazing. Come on, who doesn’t like a good corn dog? Dinner brings more traditional steak house treats, with the tableside Caesar salad being a real crowd-pleaser. Boa prides itself on cooking some of the best steaks in town and you’ll understand why when you taste them.

Where’s the best steak you’ve eaten in Los Angeles? No, we don’t really care but it’s polite to ask, right? If you have an opinion on this list please let us know. It’ll give us something to read while we digest.

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