Top 5 Stars on Twitter

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Twitter offers a 140-character look at the lives of the rich and famous…and the everyday and mundane. But only the most popular stars shine to the tune of 14 million fans reading their every LOL and #hashtag, according to the All Twitter website. And, oddly, four of the five celebs who can boast that milestone number are female vocalists. The fifth? Justin Bieber. Insert your own joke here.

5 Rhianna – 31 Million Followers

Dance pop diva Rihanna is more evidence that trendy style plus changing hair plus hit music equals Twitter success. The “Umbrella” singer can tell 31 million followers of her every hip-hop move. Makes you wonder where they all went when her movie “Battleship” sank at the box office, doesn’t it? And take note, guys: Chris Brown doesn’t even chart in the top 20.

4 Taylor Swift – 32.4 Million Followers

Remember that part about followers being the best revenge? Well, maybe Taylor Swift should stop writing songs about her exes and start waving her stats in their faces. Twitter Counter reports that the “You Belong With Me” singer has 32.4 million followers, good for fifth place among entertainers. Take that, John Mayer. Or Taylor Lautner. Or…

3 Lady Gaga – 39.7 Million Followers

Say what you want about her meat dress and other fab fashions, but almost 40 million Twitter followers can’t all be wrong. That’s a lot of Little Monsters that hang on their “Born This Way” heroine’s every character and hashtag. And if anyone’s got a lot of character these days, it’s Lady Gaga, whose style has outstripped even her hit music when it comes to making headlines.

2 Katy Perry – 40.8 Million Followers

Another star primed to take advantage of Twitter’s picture features is Katy Perry, she of the ever-changing hair. She may have a little ways to go to catch the Biebs, but her 40.8 million followers is good for second place our list. Which probably means that when the “Firework” singer takes to the Internet to check on her popularity, the only thing left blue is her hair.

1 Justin Bieber – 43 Million Followers

The Biebs may take a lot of abuse from critics, but the teen pop star is doing something right on the Internet. Justin has 43 million Beliebers on Twitter, as of August 2013. And unlike some other pop stars, he can ease his broken “Boyfriend” heart with a simple count rather than a series of hit songs. He’s currently got 27 million more readers than on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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