Top 5 Sports That Aren’t Very Sporty

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Just because something is called a sport, doesn’t mean it requires any sort of athleticism. Some “sports” are, simply, not very sporty. Generally, if you can do it while drinking a beer, find it in a bar, or don’t need to do anything but stand there, the activity isn’t much of a sport. These top five “sports” are some of the least sporty out there, even though some are played in the Olympics.

5 Table Tennis

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Any sport that centers on a table shouldn’t be called a sport. Table tennis—AKA ping pong—may get your heart pounding if you can get that little featherweight ball bouncing across the table steadily for a while. But odds are, you and your friends just bounce it back and forth a few times before it goes out of bounds. If you can master the skill, though, maybe you can try out for an Olympic table tennis team—at least then, you’ll probably feel more like an athlete.

4 Bowling

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No running or heavy-duty weight-bearing exercise are involved in bowling. Just sitting and relaxing until it’s your turn to stand, lift up that heavy ball and heave it down the center lane to hit those pins. If you’re out of shape, you may feel a bit of a burn the day afterwards. But bowling in general isn’t much of a sporty sport, even at a competitive level.

3 Target Shooting

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Target shooting indeed takes some precision-like sharpshooter skills—even the Olympics has shooting teams. All you really do, though, is take aim and fire with your pistol, rifle or shotgun. No running, lifting or even walking is involved, for that matter. While target shooting is a type of sport, you don’t have to be in good shape to do it. You only need a strong ability to focus and a steady trigger finger, so it’s not overly sporty.

2 Darts

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As you gracefully get your footing just right, glare directly into that bull’s eye and grip the barrel of the dart, you forcefully throw it forward. You need to concentrate, keep your balance and tune out all of the distractions around you. But that’s about the extent of the skill you need to play darts, one of the least sporty sports around. (Just don’t tell that to folks who play in competitive leagues.)

1 Pool

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Not the kind you swim in, rather, the kind you may find in your local happy hour hotspot, pool is indeed a professional competitive sport—it just doesn’t require any sort of athletic endurance. You only have to wait your turn, grab your cue and focus to get the balls in the corner pocket. Takes some practice, for sure…just not any time in the gym warming up.

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