Top 5 Sports References Used in the Office

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Sports do indeed have a place in the office. Actual running, throwing balls or passing pucks aren’t involved, but you can use the corresponding phrases to get you (or your employees) psyched. This list of top five sports refs are sure to get your entire team stoked in the office.

5 Kickoff

When you think of a kickoff, you probably envision football—the very start of the game where the offensive team gets a chance to catch the ball and make a run to the end zone. The kickoff in sports is simply the beginning of the game or start of the new quarter or half. Of course, your superior may bring that term into your office, too, as a way to motivate you (i.e., “Let’s kick off this new month by booking five new clients!”)

4 Touch Base

You’re not making rounds on the diamond and sliding into second at the office, like you might do during a game of baseball. However, your boss does want to see movement in the right direction to know that you’re on track to finish your task. He’ll ask you to “touch base” with him throughout the day, allowing him to keep tabs on you. When you get to home base—or finish up that massive report—just don’t expect a standing ovation from him.

3 Drop the Ball

You never want to hear that someone dropped the ball. This sports reference is often used in football to announce that a player made a fumble and let go of that coveted pig skin, or in baseball if an outfielder literally lets the ball slip through his fingers. If someone “drops the ball” at work, he really messed up and negatively impacted the entire team.

2 Curveball

Few things are as annoying as getting a dreaded curveball on a Monday morning. The baseball pitching term refers to a quick and unexpected change. So, much like a pitcher may throw an unpredictable ball from the mound, your boss can suddenly toss something at you that you never envisioned. Suddenly he ups your quota, gives you one more report to finish or tells you to head up the morning meeting. Surprise! A curveball at its finest.

1 Good Game

Good sportsmanship is the key to being a successful athlete. You need to learn to win and lose gracefully if you want to be a respectable player amongst your teammates as well as your competitors. Saying “Good game!” and giving a high five is a surefire way to let other players know that you appreciate their athleticism and outstanding performance. Same goes in the workplace.

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