Got a Need for Speed? These Were The Best Sports Cars Made in 2009

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Real drivers know a good sports car when they get behind the wheel of one. It should handle well at high speeds, keep a good grip on the road, make you smile when you push the limits of the engine power, and while most gear heads know the most important aspects are in the engineering and aerodynamics, it doesn’t hurt to have a sports car that looks great. We’ve taken all these elements into account while making our list of the Top 5 Sports Cars of 2009.

5 BMW Z4 sDrive35i

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Twin turbo, twin clutch, and three types of different suspension settings are the ground work for the now classic Z4. The 2009 brings the world a flashier Z4 which attempts to drain Porsche Boxster sales, and with its luxurious interior and hard-top convertible vibe, the Z4 might be doing the job. Both the interior and exterior look far superior compared to the earlier years of Z4s too (so we recommend taking a second look at one if you haven’t in a few years). The sDrive35i also throws out 300 HP and whether you use the six-speed manual or a DSG, it’s a joy to drive.

4 Ferrari California

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There are those who desire a Ferrari, but can’t justify spending so much on a car that exhumes power and doesn’t offer much in terms ofaround-town driving. There are drivers who still want an auto that handles like and feel like a Ferrari, but are going to tour or cruise with, not track with. Enter the California: 453 ponies and a V8 engine that gets better MPGs than most gas guzzling supercars. The California is an attempt to get customers away from buying Audi TTs and Porsche 911s and get them into a Ferrari. Because the California gives us that perfect cruising sports machine, it has stolen our hearts even at its hefty price tag. The engine blares and roars, the paddle-shifting is seamless, and overall, the California shines. It’s the Ferrari for those of us who don’t need a supercar in our lives, but want the same sort of exhilaration when we find an empty country road to speed down.

3 Jaguar XKR

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Think of a 4.2-liter, V8 engine that fetches you 420-horsepower, and 0-60 in just 4.9 seconds. Now think of supreme interior luxury and design. Add in exterior aluminum trimmings and an overall killer look and you have the Jaguar XKR. Though Jaguar has had its trouble in the past, the more recent years under the guiding hand of Tata motors havekept these cars British in thought and design, yet helped bringJags back into the spotlight. The XKR is designed to be both a on-the-track and off-the-track vehicle. This is because of its comfortable drive, yet hefty power and turning ability.We think the XKR is a car that Jaguar hopes can siphon awaybuyers from the Maserati GTS and win them over.

2 Maserati GranTurismo S

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Just looking at this beast should get you excited, even if you aren’t a Maserati fan. There’s something about that grill and the sleek design that screams excitement. Get in,start the GTS up, and take it for a spin and you’ll hear that beefy, signature Maserati V8 sound. Even with its robotic six-speed sequential gearbox (which has its critics),the overall drive of the GTS feels good, really good… and really fast. The GTS feels as if it would be good on the track, but given the luxury, it feels like it might just have beenmade to turn heads on the boulevard. Still, its distinction which makes us love the Maserati GTS so much.

1 Nissan 370Z

It’sgood to find a car that handles well, can get you to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, and still with all that power give you smooth driver to engine interaction. The Nissan 370Z does so many things right, and will kill just about any corner it approaches. This car is a cornering beast – with its low wheel base and great stability at high speeds, the 370Z just eats up pavement at every turn. The SRM system (which revs the engine automatically when you shift to a lower gear) works amazingly well in most cases, though it may take some getting used to for those who want to use it on the track. The best part of the 370Z is that compared to most high-end sports cars, its cost very little. Hell, it’s even reasonably priced compared to some regular sedans.

Speed, luxury, handling, power and style… It is these things that make a good sports car and thefive cars listed aboveencompass them all in 2009.

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